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-------------------------------------Dwarf ShrimpRed Cherry Shrimp information.-------------------------------------
In my opinion it varies on numerous factors. Age, health, tank conditions, etc.I have discovered that as soon as the female is older, healthy, and also the tank is clean climate the woman will organize at the very least 25 eggs.I have likewise noticed that as soon as the very same aged female is no as healthy, or if the tank is not up to par, then she may drop part eggs and/or not carry as many.When the mrs is bursting v eggs the is a an excellent sign that the shrimp room healthy and also the tank is in good condition. Simply my experience.
125 festival (473 liter): Low Tech (1.5wpg pc for 10 hours, no CO2/ferts, gravel substrate), Equipment (72" Coralife PC, Eheim pro II 2128 w/built in heater, FilStar XP3 w/Hydor ETH201 inline heater), Fish (6*Discus, 2*Angel, 5*Clown loaches, 4*L-018 yellow Nugget pleco, 1*L-260 Queen Arabesque pleco, 7*Cories, Farlowella cat)
lol thanks, I required a laugh. :icon_bigg Yea the factor why ns asked is I had actually two berried female however I had to deliver them to another tank, so ns woke up the other morning and also found one of the berried femaile molted !?!? and also even much more weird is that there space some eggs got left behind in her old skeleton. So I started to count and they were transporting some extremely low amount of egg (6~10). Because I"m new at keeping shrimps i figured ns must"ve lost most the the eggs throughout transfer. Guess that will never ever touch another pregnet woman again! :icon_roll many thanks for every the information guys.

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0 X 40 there you go, Simple dual inequality the is approximate I would certainly say its rare for a shrimp to have the ability to keep end 40 egg on castle at least till the egg are prepared to it is in released, some carry out tend to autumn off in the months of holding in the plelpapods (Spelling?) -AndrewPS, this is because that your regular RCS no amano or miscellaneous similarLook what kids are finding out in FST this days :hihi

Thanks but the molt is gone this morning, some shrimp more than likely digested it, and I i do not know find any kind of of the left over eggs. Still my shrimps are young and there should be plenty pregnant in the future. Many thanks though.
Cherry ShrimpI have a pleco tank with really young L046 Zebra pleco growing on in it. Likewise I placed my Cherry red shrimp in with them, full 8 adult shrimp. I now have approximately 240 cherry shrimp in there and a huge amount of berried females. I perform water transforms with RO water every 4 days v no additives. There is a huge piece of bog hardwood in there and thats around it. Oh almost forgot the a glass bottom tank no gravel or sand.