Here’s an power drink that needs no more introduction. Monster power Drink, in addition to its contender Red Bull, dominate the energy drink industry from all around the world.But, execute you actually recognize the nutritional worths of Monster Energy?The brief Answer: A 16 fl.oz can of Monster Energy contains 160mg of caffeine, 54g the sugar and also 210 calories, i beg your pardon are large numbers of ingredients, so be cautious if you do obtain a have the right to of Monster.

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That said, stop dive right into a more detailed analysis where ns break down, not only its nutrition truth but additionally ingredients.
Monster power Drink Nutritional FactsMonster power Calorie ContentMonster energy IngredientsHow much Caffeine walk Monster power Drink Contain?What Happens through Too much Caffeine?How lot Sugar go Monster power Drink Contain?Other ingredients In Monster EnergyTaurineGuarana ExtractsB-VitaminsIs There any Alcohol In Monster energy Drink?Is Monster Energy negative For You?How numerous Cans that Monster power Can friend Drink?Conclusion Other Articles

Monster energy Drink Nutritional Facts

Here are the nutrition facts of a 16 fl.oz have the right to of Monster power in the table below:Typical ValuesMonster Energy(16 fl.oz)Energy210 caloriesFat(Of which Saturated)0g(0g)Carbohydrates(Of which Sugars)54g(54g)Caffeine160mgProtein0gSodium370mgVitamin B2(Riboflavin)3.6mgVitamin B3(Niacin)46mgVitamin B64.6mgVitamin B1213µg
Monster power nutritional values
Nutrition truth of Monster Energy

Monster power Calorie Content

In a 16 fl.oz can of Monster power drink, there are about 210 calories. For guidance, the dietary Guidelines because that Americans states that the daily recommended caloric input for ladies is between 2000 come 2400 calories and 2400 come 3000 calories because that men.That said, one have the right to of Monster takes up to 1/10th of your everyday caloric intake, and also this have the right to lead to weight gain if you no burning the extra 210 calories off through exercise.Compared to Red Bull, its main competitor, Monster energy drink has actually a lot an ext calories. Red Bull with only 112 calories seems choose a far better option if she conscious about your calorie intake.Personally, ns watch what ns eat and I burn calories frequently through exercise.But if you’re quiet keen on consisting of the Monster power brand right into your constant diet, I very recommend walking for their sugar-free option, Monster energy Zero Ultra. Plus, it still maintains the same standard taste yet with just 10 calories.

Monster energy Ingredients

A 16 fl.oz have the right to of Monster Energy consists of the following:Carbonated WaterSugarGlucoseCitric AcidNatural FlavoursTaurineSodium CitrateColor AddedPanax Ginseng ExtractL-Carnitine L-TartrateCaffeineSorbic AcidBenzoic AcidNiacinamide (Vitamin B3)SucraloseSaltD-GlucuronolactoneInositolGuarana ExtractPyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)MaltodextrinCyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

How lot Caffeine does Monster energy Drink Contain?

A 16 fl.oz that Monster power drink has 160 mg the caffeine.  Caffeine is known as a herbal stimulant uncovered in tea, coffee, and cacao plants. The stimulates the nervous system to assist you continue to be alert and keep you from feeling tired. With 160mg the caffeine, Monster power will surely provide you the energy boost you need.Depending on her caffeine intake, caffeine can benefit you through improving her mood, suppress her appetite for weight loss, and also keep girlfriend alert. It’s likewise important to keep in mind that the FDA recommends healthy and balanced adults to have a maximum of 400mg of caffeine per day.That said, the caffeine contents in Monster energy is almost fifty percent of the everyday limit, and if you have actually a high caffeine tolerance, this power drink is enough to power you with the day. Yet if you’re sensitive to caffeine, your body might not respond fine to that much caffeine.Personally, I would go for approximately 50mg to 100mg of caffeine per drink. 160mg might be too much for me, and also whenever ns consume too much caffeine, ns feel a little bit jittery. 

What Happens v Too much Caffeine?

Going over the day-to-day recommended caffeine limit may reason you to feeling adverse impacts such as:AnxietyJittersRestlessnessGastrointestinal discomfortInsomniaIrritability Heart palpitationsBut of course, her caffeine metabolism additionally influences just how likely you’ll endure these next effects. Despite a caffeine overdose is rare, you’ll have a higher chance of acquiring it if you aren’t used to drink caffeinated beverages.Thus, it’s best to be responsibility of your daily caffeine intake, and you can always opt for energy drinks v lower caffeine content if friend aren’t marketed on Monster Energy.
How carry out you favor your coffee?

How much Sugar does Monster energy Drink Contain?

Monster power Drink consists of 54g of sugar in each 16 fl.oz can, which is rather a hefty amount for an energy drink.For reference, the AHA proposal a daily sugar usage of no more than 24g because that women and 36g for men. Hence, a single can of Monster energy drink goes method beyond the healthy limit.To repaint a clearer picture, 2 cans the Monster energy is tantamount to two and a fifty percent tablespoons the sugar. Ns think that’s simply too much sugar one have the right to have in a day.Going beyond the recommended sugar border presents next effects, together as:AcneTooth decayWeight gainRisk of diabetesHigh blood pressureTo add on, the 54g of sugar in Monster power will surely leave you v a street crash when the result wears off. You’ll feeling lethargic and also tired as soon as this happens because of consuming too plenty of carbs in a short period.Overall, it’s finest to consume Monster energy occasionally but, I would certainly still introduce going for an energy drink that has actually lesser sugar content or sugar-free ones for the services of her health.If you great to know an ext about what happens as soon as you consume too lot sugar, check out the video clip below:

Other ingredients In Monster Energy


Taurine is a natural part of our metabolic system. That an amino acid that produces protein and plays role functions in our heart and also brain.There’s additionally taurine used in different species of food like meat, fish, dairy product products, and also supplements. Athletes and those that exercise regularly require taurine for much more protein.However, a study reflects that overconsumption the taurine mixed with caffeine may bring about cardiac arrest. But as long as girlfriend don’t walk overboard and keep yourself relatively healthy, drink a Monster have to be fine.

Guarana Extracts

Guarana is a type of tree berry that grows in the Brazillian claims of Amazons. Its significant benefits include containing stimulants and various antioxidants.According to research, guarana includes caffeine which will keep you more alert by giving you through an power boost, for this reason it’s no surprise that Mountain energy has it.In fact, the mix of natural chemicals of guarana is said to be 4 times stronger than yes, really coffee beans. It’s certainly something come consider, especially if you have a low caffeine tolerance.


Monster power offers plenty of beneficial B-Vitamins i beg your pardon holds as much as 200% of the day-to-day value. Have actually a fast look in ~ the table below to find out an ext about each vitamin.PurposeAmount(Per 16 fl.oz the Monster)TolerableUpperIntakeLevelVitamin B3(Niacin)Helps the body relax energy,maintains healthy skin43mg35mgVitamin B2(Riboflavin)Cell growth,fat malfunction and energy production5.05mgN/AVitamin B6Store power from protein and also carbohydrates,forms red blood cells5.05mg100mgVitamin B12Release energy from food,forms red blood cells,maintains a healthy nervous system5.1µgN/A
A table top top B-Vitamins in Monster EnergyIf you want a an ext detailed description of each vitamin, you have the right to read an ext about lock here.

Is There any Alcohol In Monster energy Drink?

Generally speaking, mixing alcohol and also caffeine is harmful to your health, therefore thankfully, Monster power doesn’t contain any kind of alcohol. 
DrinksYou may have actually been conscious that mixing energy drinks through alcohol has been more common among teenagers and young adults. Yet this combination is dangerous and also will lug some serious wellness risks.I strongly advise against mixing alcohol with energy drinks.That said, alcohol mixed with caffeine have the right to act as a depressant, making girlfriend feel much more alert 보다 usual. It may sound like a good thing, especially when you’re desperate to finish a task, but you’ll regret it when you’re drunk.According to a study in 2016, alcohol blended with energy drinks might be dangerous because that blood pressure. And for world with elevated blood pressure, this may be lethal even.Again, it’s no a good idea to mix alcohol with power drinks, and you should constantly be cautious of its dangers.

Is Monster Energy poor For You?

Provided friend drink that occasionally and also practice a healthy lifestyle, ns think Monster energy won’t be bad for you.There’s no denying the Monster power is among the strongest energy drink brands, which will surely boost your psychological performance, especially during a lazy day.However, similar to anything we consume, too lot of a an excellent thing will eventually come to be bad. That becomes much more evident if you no controlling your consumption and also lead a an ext sedentary way of life instead.Have a fast look in ~ the table below to see how the ingredients in Monster power compares come the everyday maximum limit:Monster energy Drink(Per 16 fl.oz)Daily Max Limit(Female/Male)Calories210 calories2400 calories / 3000 caloriesSugar54g25g / 36gCaffeine160mg400mg
Monster Energy’s nutritional worth vs the day-to-day limitsYou likewise need come be cautious of the large quantities of sugar present in just a single can that Monster Energy. Frequently consuming this sugary power drink will reason long term effects such together heart problems and also blood ship problems. Also, it’s constantly a good idea come consult v your health and wellness specialist very first before adding a strong energy drink into your regular diet.

How numerous Cans of Monster power Can you Drink?

I would recommend drinking only one can of Monster energy a day and not have much more than 3 cans in a week because of its high street content.The caffeine contents in Monster power is moderate because that an energy drink, and also it’ll take it you as lot as three cans to with the daily limit of 400mg caffeine. Though, i don’t recommend doing this as it can lead come unnecessary next effects.The main trouble I have actually with this drink is that it has a whopping amount of 54g of sugar just in one can alone, it is double the amount of what AHA recommends. Regularly spend an extreme amount of street will certainly be detrimental to her health.Hence, the safest and healthiest means to gain Monster power is to conserve it because that mentally demanding occasions and limit yourself to just one can.That said, friend can additionally opt for Monster energy flavours that have lesser street content, specific Monster energy Zero Ultra or Monster Juice. Ns think these are method healthier options, especially if you want to incorporate this power drink brand into your diet.


Monster Energy has 210 calories every 16 fl.oz can, 90mg of caffeine, 54g that sugar and also carbohydrates and also 370mg of sodium. It likewise has other useful ingredients such together B-Vitamins that room 200% that the everyday intake value and also guarana extracts.The ingredient you must consider and be cautious of as soon as drinking Monster energy is that high street content. That a offered that overconsumption of sugar is attention to her health.Again, i suggest having actually this energy drink with suitable dietary monitoring though it may not be an ideal for you if you have a low caffeine metabolism together 160mg of caffeine deserve to be too solid for some.

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It’s also best come go through the nutrition label an initial before you work out on any energy drinks to be completely aware that what she putting into your system.All in all, Monster Energy, if take away in a healthy dose, is certainly one the the top energy drink brands ns personally recommend. So, walk ahead and also unleash the beast!

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