Out of every the incredible things Donny Osmond has achieved in his life, the “Crazy Horses” crooner is many proud the his five sons and 12 grandkids. In enhancement to juggling his hectic Hollywood schedule, Donny always makes certain to dedicate time come his beautiful family.

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The Joseph and also the impressive Technicolor Dreamcoat alum is the doting dad that his guys — Don Jr., Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher and also Joshua — through wife Debbie Osmond. The couple’s kids are every grown up and also have started families of their own, do Donny and his spouse the loving grandparents that a dozen grandchildren.


His eldest, Don Jr., share four kids with his wife, Jessica, if Jeremy is a dad of three with spouse Melisa. Brandon, ~ above the various other hand, invited his 4 sons v wife Shelby, and also Christopher is a father of one v his love, Alta. At the moment Joshua and also his wife, Summer, wed in June 2020, they solely told Closer castle “definitely want to have actually kids,” yet they’ll most likely wait “a pair of years.”

Considering Donny loves nothing much more than being with his vast brood, he makes sure to take advantage of his time off. As soon as Donny break up his 11-year las Vegas residency v sister Marie Osmond in November 2019, he can not wait come reunite through his lover grandchildren.


The former Dancing with the Stars contestant did just that once he celebrated his birthday a month ~ his final bow in las Vegas. “It’s been a wonderful birthday — one I’ll never forget,” the Masked Singer alum captioned a photo of his entire family via Instagram in December 2019. “My favourite birthday gift this year is a holiday season off from performing so the I have the right to spend time with my dear wife and also family. Ns haven’t had that opportunity because 2010.”

Since Donny hasn’t had the high-end of scheduling work about family functions for practically a decade, the “I’ll do a man out the You” singer stated he was looking front to making up on shed time. “I virtually forgot how nice the is to my loved ones around me,” the gushed. “It’s given me time to reflect on how essential family and also friends yes, really are.”


Throughout his top career, Donny has done an incredible project juggling his work while proceeding to it is in a specialized father and also grandfather. However, the former teen idol actually credits his wife of end 40 years because that being the finest family matriarch a husband could ask for.

“I am specifically grateful the my to ~ Debbie has actually been able to be residence with ours children and has been such a powerful and uplifting influence on each one of our family,” the revealed come Third Hour in 2014. “Especially in her an excellent support the me in my crazy career that takes me far from the house so much.”

Scroll with the gallery listed below to see Donny’s sweetest pics that his lover family!

August 2021

While celebrate the opened night that his solo ras Vegas residency in respectable 2021, Donny shared a photograph of his enormous family, including wife Debbie, their sons, grandchildren and daughter-in-laws. “Thank you to anyone that came to opening night yesterday. The made it so unique that my household was there and also what an opened it was!” he gushed via Instagram.


June 2020

The “Puppy Love” singer proved he had a fun-filled weekend through wife Debbie and their family as castle attended grandson Ryder’s flag football video game in June 2020. “The perfect method to spend a Saturday —watching our sweet, tiny Ryder play #FlagFootball,” that captioned the lover portrait.

February 2020

“We are lucky to speak to this bright young lady a component of our family,” Donny created alongside a take self of kid Brandon and also his wife, Shelby, as he wished his daughter-in-law a happy birthday. “She has actually a vast heart filled through so lot love. #happybirthday to our daughter-in-law Shelby! enjoy this one-of-a-kind day.”


February 2020

Donny common the impressive news that his boy Josh was involved to it is in married! “Our youngest son, Josh, and also his darling girlfriend, Summer, got engaged last night!” the doting dad captioned the photo.

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“We are beyond thrilled that Summer will be joining our family! It to be a picture-perfect Valentine‘s Day, and also an remarkable kickoff come Josh‘s birthday weekend,” Donny continued. “Happy birthday and also congratulations, Josh! Mom and I are so happy because that you. Much more pictures come come after the wedding. I’ll allow them announce that one.”

January 2020

Donny common the cutest throwback picture with child Brandon in respect of his 35th birthday. “Wishing my kid Brandon a very #HappyBirthday! I consider myself lucky beyond words to contact you mine son,” the legend performer captioned the post. “It’s remarkable how easily the years have actually flown by, yet watching girlfriend learn, grow, and also create a family members of your own is a priceless gift. Your mother and I love you really much.”

November 2019

Donny mutual the sweetest photo while spending part time off through his wife and also kids. “I flew residence after our show Friday night to cheer for my nephew Dylan in ~ his football game. This was your championship game, and guess what… lock won!” the proud grandpa wrote in the caption. “Say hello come the Westlake 7th great high college #FootballChampions. Congratulations to my wonderful and cool #grandson Dylan. Bapa loves you.”

July 2019

Donny common a photo while enjoying the summer weather through his tiny bundles of joy. “My grandkids simply pushed me in the pool, so we commemorated by break out part #popsicles,” he composed at the time. “Thanks
popsicle for sending out the Osmond family members the perfect treat because that a warm summer’s work in the pool.”

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Courtesy the Donny Osmond/Instagram

July 2019

“I’ve just spent 4 wonderful days v my boy in Gustavus, Alaska,” the Life Is simply What You make It writer wrote in the subtitle of a picture with his kids. “It’s absolutely beautiful up here! ⁣Thanks to Greg Taylor for showing us a great time. We caught our limits of halibut each day. We had actually a blast, and also I’m pretty certain I tho smell favor fish.”

July 2019

Donny kicked turn off his boys-only fishing trip with a super cute selfie v his sons. “On my way to #Alaska with my boys. The halibut and also salmon room calling because that us!” that wrote.