Texas is the perfect an option for a road pilgrimage with friends or family. With its wide geographical are and range of routes, Texas will supply plenty the memories and fun together you drive across the state. Yet how long would a drive throughout the Lone Star State take?

How long does it require to drive across Texas? Driving across Texas will take approximately 10 come 13 hours. Choose the fastest path without congestion will certainly take about 10 hours, with an typical speed of 65 miles an hour. If friend choose more scenic routes, it will certainly take friend 11 come 13 hrs of take trip time. 

Some people constantly think about the ambiance that the wild west once going on one adventure across Texas. Maybe you have visions of cowboys and also horses roaming about some desert plains. The Lone Star State it is intended these classic scenes plus lot more.

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Taking a cross-country adventure in Texas is not easy. Because of its huge landmass, that is quite impossible to overcome without gaining obstacles in your path. At around 268,581 square miles, Texas is the second-biggest territory in the unified States. The state that Texas consists an approximated length that 790 mile and practically 773 miles in width.

Depending ~ above the factor for having a trip across Texas, you need to setup your paths correctly. If friend are having a vacation through your family, then pick courses where you would pass by wonderful stops or tourist spots for the kids. If you space a foodie, because that example, then you desire to prevent at the height restaurants along the way. For the fastest drive throughout Texas, you desire to travel the shortest and also easiest route.

Read on to learn an ext about how long that will require to drive across Texas, including necessary tips to be conscious of,

How lengthy Does It take to Drive across Texas?


As pointed out earlier, a turbulent estimate of the time it takes come drive throughout Texas is 10 to 13 hours. It will certainly take closer to 10 hours if you follow the shortest path – along Highway 1-10. It will take roughly 13 hours or much longer if you choose to take much more scenic routes such as course 66 or the Blue Water Highway.

The more quickly route throughout Texas would be Highway 1-10, connecting El Paso and also Houston. These two large cities have a many tourist destinations and cultural heritages the you might want come visit. It would take you about 10 hours and also 48 minutes of travel time in ~ a consistent speed border of 65 miles per hour. At approximately 746.5 miles, this trip could be the shortest route to drive throughout Texas. 

746.5 miles is still an massive number to journey across, yet when acquisition a trip across the Lone Star State, this number is the more quickly you have the right to go through.

Some methods are also an extensive but still precious it depending upon the sites the you will visit. For example, if friend live in Amarillo, and also you desire to take it your household on a holidays to south Padre Island, you have to take the routes 27, 84, 20, 10, 37, and also 77 with an approximated travel street of 12 hours and 8 minutes. That is rather a long journey but definitely worth it.

Texas driving Routes with Incredible Stopovers and also Scenery

When you ask random people around Texas, plenty of will think of bull riding, cowboys, horses, and deserts. But Texas has actually much more to give.

Tourists and travelers love the emotion of a certain ambiance that is commonly felt only in Texas. Some say the road pilgrimage experience below is one of a kind and will offer you genuinely unforgettable memories.

Route 66 is most likely the finest route that many tourists and also travelers pick. The city of Amarillo is the first place on path 66, with countless shops, cafes, restaurants, and night views. It can take around 3 hours to drive across the Texas section of course 66.

Another an excellent thing about going through route 66 is passing by Glenrio, a ghost city on the Texas-New Mexico border. It’s nearly like strolling v a setup in one apocalypse movie.

The Cadillac Ranch is also a must-visit location for travelers once taking path 66. This historical art piece is a great spot where 10 Cadillacs room half-buried v nose an initial on the ground. If you planning to go there, you might want to lug cans the spray repaint with you.

From the original color to yellow and also a rusty color drawn by time, aboriginal people and also other tourists are enabled to repaint them to revive and give life come the aging Cadillac Ranch.

Are friend fond the driving in addition to an ocean view? try taking the routes from mountain Antonio to corpus Cristi, and also Corpus Cristi to Galveston. Also, make certain to take the Blue Water Highway. Through an elongated road and also the Texas yellow at the side, your long ride will certainly be worth it upon reaching Galveston Island. The Blue Water Highway scenic drive only takes around 30 minutes, but I introduce making stops follow me the way as that is for this reason beautiful.

If you room an extremist that loves come hike in landscapes, perhaps you have to take path 27 come the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Climate take interstate 86 to stop by Caprock Canyons State Park and also Trail. 

Some travelers carry out not hit the road for stopovers yet are ~ the topography and mood-lifting sceneries. Part would also spend 1/4 of their stays traveling, highlighting mountainside roads and also desert highways. Well, path 66 could be the way to take if you space a hippie talk a hippie valve with great old hippie friends. 

Guides and Tips on Driving across Texas

Having a holiday invested in Texas will certainly be both challenging and funny at the exact same time, therefore I have prepared this must-read post for those planning on a Texan vacation fantasy. The weather in Texas is therefore diverse. Part regions have the right to be very cold throughout the winter months while aggressively hot throughout summer.

Texas is a substantial landmass that has a wide selection of climates varying from dried to semi-arid regions. The northern plains receive only a small amount that precipitation annually, when the eastern part, i m sorry is the subtropical area, gets a far-ranging amount of rain yearly. 

If you want to invest the holiday with your family members in Texas, be responsibility of the months in i beg your pardon climates are stable. Prevent the months of April, May, and June as the suburban locations will it is in rainiest during these times. Hefty rain can increase traffic congestion in several of the more urban areas. This congestion will make the moment it takes come drive throughout the state of Texas longer.

Consider renting a automobile with a good air conditioning mechanism when to plan on a trip across the Lone Star throughout summer. The climate in some areas in Texas, particularly the north plains, is vigorously hot during summer. Having an median of 64.83 degrees, the warmth in Texas have the right to be together scary together hell.

Stock up on part hydrating fluids and also snacks as few of the roadways in Texas have the right to be very long that it could take numerous miles before you with the next cafe.

Be certain to lug a first aid kit just in instance an emergency occurs. Spare wheel to protect against delays along the road trip.

And lastly, a gallon that gas is not that lot required yet could it is in useful, especially if you plan to walk camping or if over there aren’t plenty of gas station around.

Here is another tip as soon as driving across Texas: if you have a car, examine your vehicle’s condition before you begin the drive. If you don’t have actually one, be certain to make vehicle rental reservations at an early stage to complete your itinerary. Finish your rental papers and check them effectively to make certain there are no surprise fees.

A Map have to Come in Handy


If you desire to get to her stops and final location easier, you should consider taking an really map and also road guide with you. Gps can it is in helpful, too, but just in situation you acquire technical difficulties during her travel, navigating the old-fashioned means will be able to get you to where you desire to go without having to worry about charging a dead phone or trying to find a signal.

The speed Limit in Texas

When it comes to speed limits, the Texan authorities are rather strict about implementing your rules. You also have to protect against parking fines in countless parts the the state. 

Speed borders in Texas have different variations relying on which an ar or road you room taking. Every routes and also ways in Texas have their default boundaries called “Prima Facie.” nothing speed simply to shorten the moment it takes to drive throughout Texas.

The Prima Facie limit depends on what sort of road you space taking. For significant highways and also interstates, a 70 mile-per-hour border is implemented, and exceeding this can expense you a hefty fine. 

The street regulations don’t only use to significant highways however to residential streets and also alleys, together well. Speeding close to schools and also hospitals are considered to it is in the best sin because that the highway patrols, and also they end up being merciless once some outlaws disobey their rules. 

Breaking speed borders in Texas will expense you $101, also if it is simply the very first warning. Ns guess no one wants to pay that ticket for great hard-earned cash. Breaking this legislation for the 2nd time will price you as much as $1,200, and failure to salary will gain you behind bars.

Conclusion – how Long go It require to Drive throughout Texas?

So to revisit our initial question, exactly how long go it require to drive throughout Texas? come drive throughout Texas, it will take you roughly 10 come 13 hours from eastern to West or phibìc to South. The time it takes relies on the holidays or adventure the you setup to take.

Your journey likewise depends on the jam of the roads on some significant highways in the state. Two weeks is enough to do the many out of your vacation. One week is an extremely doable, but I recommend setup aside 2 weeks to really take in the sights and also scenery if driving.

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Taking the lengthy routes v maximum speed limits can also influence your take trip time around Texas. Be certain to follow the strictly imposed speed border laws, or else paying the hefty fines is inevitable. 

There are plenty of social heritage and also tourist clues in Texas, which are the most significant factors influence your take trip time if you desire to take the time to see them all. Splendid hotels come spend countless nights and days in are likewise present in the large state, specifically in Galveston, which has actually a beautiful beach and also awesome design template parks because that the kids. 

It’s approximately you how you will invest your time driving throughout Texas. Simply don’t go too rapid as there is so much to see, and also it is finest to take it it every in while girlfriend can.