I have had actually an eye on this lace shawl because that a lengthy time. All it states is to usage a 100g laceweight yarn and also 3.25 needles.Ok i am fine v the needles, however it is the 100g the is the problem the yarn I desire to usage is 50g skein indigenous knitpicks. So can someone define in baby term the difference in between 50g and also 100g.Not in any type of hurry I will certainly be act a knit a long sometime in July.Thanks come anyone just how can assist me. Then I deserve to keep that information in my note book.

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I think the difference in 50 g and laceweight and also 100 g that laceweight is that you will obtain twice the yardage in the 100 g ball. You should look up the yarn the pattern calls for and see the yardage top top the band and then buy enough knitpicks yarn to execute your project.

Like bebedechocolate said, you require to inspect the yardage the the original yarn. I will offer you an example from the shawl I’m gaining ready come knit:

I’m going to knit woodland Shawl. It calls for 1 skein Lana Grossa Mega Boots big (100 grams, 460 yards). For this reason I understand that 100 grams the this specific yarn has 460 yards.

I’m utilizing Knit choose Palette. Each sphere of palette is 50 grams and also 231 yards. So i will require to however 2 balls to same 100 grams and 462 yards. Ns bought 2 extra though, since they room cheap, I prefer the color, and I’m paranoid of to run out!

Hope that helps.

Answer: 50g:) . Therefore here’s how it works. The “g” means grams. 100g are around 3.5 oz. So girlfriend would require 2 that the 50g skeins to same the 100g friend need. BUT. . .it counts on the yardage. In order for your job to come the end right, you need to have actually be making use of the same weight of yarn. If you need 100g that offer you 700 yds, and you want to instead of that through 2 skeins the 50g that gain 200 yds each, that’s going to be a problem, since then you’ll obtain 400 yds of yarn for her 100g-- and that will certainly be a much thicker yarn (the diluent the yarn, the more yards you gain per gram or ounce). For this reason it’s well to usage 2 of the Knitpicks, as long as the yardage is around the same. What yarn walk the pattern speak to for, and also what is the yarn native Knitpicks?

The short an overview - pick your yarn through yardage, quite than variety of balls, also if the weights come the end equal (2 50g vs 1 100g)

What she said…but also keep in mind that the needle dimension may change depending top top the gauge you feeling looks ideal – do they give a gauge? many lace shawls and also scarves don’t, but every yarn has actually a variety of gauges the look finest due come the details yarn’s characteristics.

Thanks everyone for every the answers to my question.So the shawl is the Wildflower Shawl the sample is really basic for a lace shawl goes. All it claims for the material is 100g lace load yarn.The thing is it doesn’t have the yardage for the 100g five well now that I understand the distinction now i will obtain what ns think I will certainly need.I to be going come buy the Gloss lace weight in Malachite, ns love that green. The is a 50g/440 yards ns am walking to get at least 4 skeins the it. I simply love the yarn and also color.So again thanks everyone for the answers ns needed.

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Can friend look up the yarn provided in the pattern and see how many yards the is?

I just looked it up on ravelry, and it calls because that 700-800 yds, so you’d only require 2 skeins. Of food you can use the other 2 for an additional project…



Answer: 50g:)

grrrr, that was gonna be my price




Ah yes two will do but dh doesn’t recognize that. We shall all store this a secret.


If you have actually the spending plan I’d go ahead and buy 3 skeins even if the pattern just says 2. I say this since I just substituted a laceweight yarn because that a pattern there is no a written gague and even though i bought enough yardage because that the pattern, and also knit top top the dimension needle reccommended, I just realized that ns don’t have enough yarn to end up as ns guess i’m knitting in ~ a looser gague 보다 the designer. Better safe than sorry and if you have an extra skien you can alwasys make something tiny with it.