As the name suggests, Teacup Yorkies (Teacup Yorkshire Terriers) are one of the tiniest dog breeds, and they can conveniently fit in a teacup. Yorkies are cute and also adorable with an energetic personality. Execute not wrong them to be patience or timid because of their appearance. Yorkies are fairly feisty for their size. The many enticing characteristics of a Yorkie is the they room playful and also training lock is an extremely easy. Like many dogs, lock are exceptionally loyal and protective. Overall, they have actually a comparable personality to that of a Yorkshire Terrier. If you are in search of a small lap dog, look no further. Civilization often prefer tiny size dogs as they room meeker and much more manageable. The maximum a Teacup Yorkshire terrier grow to is 6 in (15 cm) and also 4 lb (1 kg). They need your constant care, attention, and also love. They also have many health problems due to your miniature size. The demand for Teacup Yorkie puppies is an extremely high, especially amongst celebrities and also people in the fashion industry. This is due to the fact that they have come to be a layout statement.

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What do they food on?

Puppy food for tiny dog breeds, mice, rats, and also rodents

What perform they eat?


Average litter size?

2-5 pups

How much do lock weigh?

2-4 lb (1-2 kg)

How long are they?

5-7 in (12-18 cm)

How tall are they?

4-6 in (10-15 cm)

Teacup Yorkie exciting Facts

What form of pet is a Teacup Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies room a variant of the dog each other Yorkshire Terrier. Castle are smaller sized dogs compared to constant Yorkshire Terriers but are not technically a different breed. Once you consistently mate any two small dogs that the exact same dog breed, you gain a teacup breed.

What course of animal does a Teacup Yorkie belonging to?

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers space mammals belonging come the family canidae. They likewise belong come the small dog each other category. Favor all mammals, Yorkies provide birth to their young puppies.

How plenty of Teacup Yorkies space there in the world?

There is no accurate estimation of your population.

Where go a Teacup Yorkie live?

Yorkies are right indoor pets as they take it up very little space and live with their owner inside their houses. They are easily portable and convenient as result of their size. They are territorial and also will safeguard their residences from strangers by barking.

What is a Teacup Yorkies habitat?

They adapt well in temperate regions where the average temperature is no too hot nor as well cold. If friend live in a heat place, the is for sure to keep Yorkies indoors through a working air conditioner.

Who do Teacup Yorkies live with?

They live with people. The dimension of a Teacup Yorkie renders them fragile and are not well suitable for households with children. They can additionally be temperamental in the direction of children. They need a lot of care and attention. Yorkies execute not mingle well v strangers and other animals. But, they love taking brief naps in a warmth spot beside their guardian.

How lengthy does a Teacup Yorkie live?

The typical Teacup Yorkie expectancy is roughly seven to ripe years. In rarely cases, they can live as much as 15 years. Teacup Yorkies lifespan is much shorter compared come Yorkshire Terriers because of their various health and wellness issues. Traumatic and also accidental injuries are other far-ranging reasons for the lower life expectancy. A prime cause of death in Yorkies is respiratory conditions like collapsing trachea.

How execute they reproduce?

Healthy Teacup Yorkies mate and reproduce between three and five Yorkie puppies every litter. However, mating and also pregnancy can impact the dogs health considerably. Countless complications can arise throughout the process.

What is their conservation status?

The official conservation condition for Teacup Yorkies is not Listed.

Teacup Yorkie fun Facts

What execute Teacup Yorkies look at like?

Teacup Yorkies are miniature dogs through black coats and also tan markings around their ears, muzzle, and also paws. The black hair that Teacup Yorkie puppies normally gains a silvery blue hue together they age. Some additionally have gold markings rather of tan. The most common combinations of cloak colors room blue and tan, black and tan, black and gold or blue and gold. They have actually V-shaped ear which was standing erect and their tail is a medium length.


How cute are they?

How deserve to a dog that can fit within a teacup not be cute! They are so endearing and also lovable through their huge black animated eyes. Your resemblance come a stuffed toy is just an included charm. Your size and cute mannerisms do Teacup Yorkies record every heart.

How carry out they communicate?

Teacup Yorkies are really expressive dogs that bark in various tones come communicate. A short tone bark have the right to be perceived as a warning when they feel threatened. High-pitched barks room for catching their owner attention as soon as they desire to beat or walk outside. Lock howl to connect with various other dogs. Once they are sad, hurt, or lonely Teacup Yorkies will certainly whimper.

How huge is a Teacup Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies room miniatures the the typical Yorkshire Terrier. They thrive only approximately 6 in (15 cm) in height. Completely grown Teacup Yorkies have small-size heads and medium-sized muzzles. They space three times smaller than a good Dane.

How quick can a Teacup Yorkie run?

With your tiny paws, the faster a Teacup Yorkie can run is 10 mph (16.09 kmph). Lock take fast but brief steps. They may be lightweight yet it is hard for castle to save up v bigger dogs. Yorkies deserve to run quick for really short distances. Running is a good exercise for your Yorkie to save them active and healthy. Do not over-strain them as they have tiny and weak respiratory tract systems.

How lot does a Teacup Yorkie weigh?

These tiny dogs sweet no much more than 4 lb (1 kg) while standard Yorkshire Terriers often weigh up to 7 lb (3 kg).

What are the male and female surname of the species?

Male Teacup Yorkies are dubbed dogs, and also females are known as bitches.

What would certainly you speak to a baby Teacup Yorkie?

Like all various other dogs, baby Teacup Yorkies are called puppies.

What execute they eat?

Yorkies can be picky eaters. Her Yorkies diet need to be made up of a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Be conscious of their general dietary requirements. Protein have to be the primary resource as this is compelled for your health and also growth. Puppies need about 250 calorie a day and adults need about 200 calories. This have the right to vary from individuals due to the fact that of your age and activity. Feeding them in little quantities yet frequently to avoid the hazard of short blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). Because of their sensitivity, the is ideal to make certain you feeding them high-quality food that helps stop digestive issues. Also, administer them bite-sized kibble come prevent chances of choking.

The dimension of a Yorkie Teacup dog deserve to lead come them gift mistaken for rodents, this leader to a the majority of threats native predators favor hawks, eagles, and also coyotes.

Are castle hypoallergenic?

Yes, Teacup Yorkies space the finest pet choice for civilization with allergies. They have actually hair rather of fur, which they will shed minimally with continual grooming. They also drool less and also produce fewer allergens compared to various other pets. But keep in mind no dogs are 100% hypoallergenic.

Would they make a great pet?

All pets require care and attention, therefore if you have actually a lot of time castle are suitable option. Yorkies are fun and also engaging, making them perfect companion for single owners. Households with small children need to look because that a bigger dog breed together Teacup Yorkies have actually the tendency to playfully nibble or bite. Girlfriend can even get a traditional Yorkshire Terrier instead.

Did girlfriend know...

Yorkshire Terrier dog are originally bred from Yorkshire, England. Lock were first bred to assist get rid the rodents native farmlands. Their size was an added advantage to farmers. Throughout the 19th century, the need for Yorkshire terriers increased amongst royalty and also nobles, due to their cute fluff-ball image and also lack of needing a huge space. Breeders began to selectively breed the dogs to make them smaller and hairier. These brand-new types that Yorkshire Terriers came to be the very first Teacup Yorkies. Yorkshire Terriers to be previously well-known as Broken-haired Scotch Terriers.

Yorkshire Terriers were well-known as fearless hunters. Lock were supplied for hunting little animals like badgers, foxes, and moles. They were introduced in America approximately 1880. Teacup Yorkies are so high in demand that unethical breeders have increased in numbers end the years. Constantly buy a Yorkie Teacup dog v a certificate indigenous a license is granted breeder to prevent devious breeding methods and capitalization.

Some Yorkies eat very tiny and can construct seizures due to hypoglycemic attacks. This is a genetic issue seen in the Teacup Yorkie breed. There space medications available to protect against seizures. The require to produce a genetically tiny dog breed favor Teacup Yorkies has lugged on countless health worries for these dogs. Though they meet the aesthetes that a lap dog, Yorkies have actually become an extremely weak genetically.

Teacup Yorkie prices variety from 1200 USD to 2000 USD. Preserving them can likewise be expensive together they have strict dietary requirements, training, require continuous health check-ups, and regular grooming. Execute not buy cheaper puppies since they can be bred v unethical means and will be much more prone to genetic and also health risks. Teacup Yorkies need to drink many water to save them character language at every times. They room hyperactive and also get quickly dehydrated. Come prevent heat stroke make certain your Yorkie drinks well.

A dog crate of 12 in (30 cm) deserve to be used to deliver your Yorkie come the vet or on flights. You can additionally fashionably bring them in your hand or a bag like celebrities. Due to their tiny size, they are hard to notice. This leads to high possibilities of accidents. Be mindful when you relocate around. They room playful but have weak bones. Teacup Yorkies are more prone come injury as result of rough handling, accidental falls, and also spats with other animals.

While training your Teacup Yorkie, it is in extra patient. They have actually tiny bladders and it is tough to detect your pee approximately your house. This regularly leads to a smelly home and pet. This also method you will have to walk her dog an ext frequently. Train them v love and patience. Initially, it will be as tough as caring for a baby, yet all puppies space the same. Yorkies space smart and quick learners. Training lock from as soon as they room puppies have the right to help.

Some the the health problems that Teacup Yorkies space predisposed to consists of portosystemic shunt, patent ductus arteriosus, tracheal collapse, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, distichia, legg–calvé–perthes syndrome and luxating patella.

Are Teacup Yorkies high maintenance?

Yes, Teacup Yorkies room designer dog breeds with a long silky coat of hair. Lock require consistent grooming to keep a neat and also clean coat. Trimming your hair once every four to 6 weeks will promote brand-new hair growth and prevent excess shedding. Grooming also prevents tangles and also gives your Teacup Yorkie puppy a practiced look. Consistent grooming also way brushing and also bathing castle frequently.

They are also physically very delicate. Teacup Yorkies room prone to assorted health worries like respiratory troubles, fragile bones, and also bladder ailments. Castle can also develop severe complications favor hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and liver problems. Teacup Yorkies need early and also consistent cultivate to be well-disciplined. Lock get conveniently stressed and also suffer from psychological issues.

Do Teacup Yorkies bark a lot?

Yes, they are a very vocal dog breed. Though they space not loud, frequent and unnecessary barking is an concern found in this breed. Lock get quickly triggered by disturbances, strangers, and doorbells.

Yorkies space wonderful dogs that room loved through dog lovers around the world. They space unbelievably cute v a sassy personality. Regardless of the controversies in breeding and also selling, Yorkies space still high in demand. Having a Teacup Yorkie have the right to be equally complicated and entertaining. The is also advisable to obtain pet insurance because that this costly little breed.

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