You"ll begin in Abstergo with Lucy. Sit in the Animus and watch the reduced scene. You"ll must press some buttons to get Ezio come liven up. During this, you"ll unlock

ACII | The bear of an AssassinBe reborn as Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

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You"ll get pulled out of the Animus and have to monitor Lucy through the compound. You"ll need to fight your method through areas, despite this isn"t really hard. To beat enemies, usage . To use your eagle vision, organize

. When you"re the end of the compound, you"ll unlock

ACII | Arrivederci AbstergoBreak out of Abstergo.


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When you"re in the new area, you"ll be introduced to Shaun and also Rebecca. Play with until you can enter the animus. This will unlock one more achievement.

ACII | Welcome to the Animus 2.0Enter the Animus 2.0.


Memory 1 - Boys will Be Boys

For your an initial memory, you"ll have to beat increase a the majority of people. Lock onto enemies using

, which enables you come block just arrive attacks. If you organize , you"ll enter high profile mode, i beg your pardon will allow you come counter attacks by pressing when opponents go to strike you. You"ll go through two teams of enemies to win up.

Once they"re every knocked out, you"ll have to loot them. Usage to loot and collect 200 florins. This will end the memory.

From right here on you, you"ll find that all storage memorys will be presented on the mini-map together an exclamation mark. Friend only have actually to complete one gyeongju for the complying with achievement. I"d recommend going for it from around Sequence 3 onwards.

Memory 2 - You should See the other Guy

Talk to Federico, and also you"ll be heading come a doctor for this memory. You"ll need to complimentary run to save up v Federico, and also to carry out this, organize and also at the very same time to sprint. As soon as you with the Doctor, technique him and also pay him 200 florins come patch friend up. Future physician visits won"t price you as much, luckily. Doctors can be found on the map by trying to find the medical cross symbol.

Memory 3 - Sibling Rivalry

Straight after the critical memory, Federico will difficulty you come the top of the church. This is fairly simple, together you deserve to just operation up the challenge of the building, using

to overview to towards where Ezio deserve to hold onto you. You"ll easily have the ability to reach the top of the church, before Federico. The white wisp at the height of the church indicates the complete "line". Once the memory"s over, you"ll acquire the opened credits for Assassin"s Creed II.

Memory 4 - Nightcap

You"ll start out this memory by walking come the glow viewpoint alongside you. Synchronise through . This will open up several of the map because that you. Then carry out a leap of confidence with and .

Afterwards, jump the end the hay pile and you"ll view a target on your mini map. This will take girlfriend to where you must be. There are red dots top top the map, which space guards. You"ll have to avoid these, which is an extremely easy come do. Once you obtain to wherein you should be and watch the cut scene.

When you"re ago in control, the final bit the this memory will certainly involve you to run away indigenous guards. To get away from them the very first thing you should do is obtain out of your line the sight, one of two people by running much away or rise a building. Beware that climbing a building leaves you open up to having rocks thrown at you by the guards. Together you get away from the guards, the radar around your map will prevent glowing red. Discover a hiding spot, and your radar will turn blue. The storage will end when you no longer have actually guards searching for you.

Races space now available for perfect this memory. Friend will have to win one against the thieves to gain an achievement. This is noted in the Miscellaneous achievements section.

Memory 5 - Paperboy

You"ll need to head come the memory marker on the map. You"ll satisfy Ezio"s father, Giovanni. For this memory, you"ll require to deliver a letter. Sounds simple, despite you"ll it is in going up to the rooftops to stop the guards that will certainly be about you. Taking to the rooftops method you have the right to avoid them. The memory will take you come a guy on ground level. You"ll acquire a quick reduced scene when handing end the letter. Currently return earlier to Giovanni making use of the same rooftop strategy you"ve simply done. As soon as you acquire to the house where Giovanni is, look because that the emphasize door. Open up this door to end the memory.

Memory 6 - beat a Cheat

This memory involves beating increase a love rat called Duccio because that Ezio"s sister Claudia. Speak come Claudia then make your means over come the marker whereby Duccio is. You"ll have actually a cut scene, which includes a rapid time occasion mid-conversation. Then beat Duccio right into submemory, and when he operation off, this memory will end.

Beat up goals will now appear on your map, with one near by. The symbol looks prefer a fist. All you have to do is start one of these, beat up the target come unlock one achievement.

ACII | Macho ManDefend a woman"s honor.


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Now for one more Auditore family member, Petruccio. Find him and also talk come him. He"ll ask you to gain a feather for him. Well, it"s actually 3 feathers. You"ll have around three minutes to collect all three, which is lot of of time. All three feathers are uncovered on the rooftops, and you"ll have markers ~ above the maps to present you wherein they are. As soon as you have actually the 3rd feather, the timer will stop and also you"ll need to head earlier to Petruccio to finish this memory.

Memory 8 - girlfriend of the Family

Head to the mite to fulfill Ezio"s mother, Maria. You"ll start this storage with having to monitor her. As with most games, the NPCs wade in this deserve to be a little of an annoyance. A blue marker will appear on your map mirroring where Maria is if you shed her. Keep adhering to her and eventually you"ll fulfill our favourite artist, inventor and also all ring nice guy, Leonardo Da Vinci.

After the cut scene, choose up the little chest and also head to the end suggest to complete the memory.

Memory 9 - one-of-a-kind Delivery

This memory entails Giovanni questioning you to finish a pair of jobs for him. Head to the markers on the map, and also enter the white wisps to deliver each letter to it"s intended person.

Now you"ll need to pick up a carrier pigeon. The pigeon coop place will be presented on the map, and it"s on the rooftops. As soon as you"ve gotten in the wisp, the memory will end.

Memory 10 - Jailbird

There will certainly be spoiler for this memory, so read at your very own risk.

This memory starts out v a an extensive cut scene. Head to the marker, yet be careful as you get close ad the prison had actually a lot more guards about it, and also they"re looking for you. Stay on the building tops bordering the prision, and also approach the from the southern side.

The arrow on the minimap always points north.

Be cautious as once you start gaining close, there will be a pair of archers close to you. If friend can gain behind them, you have the right to kill castle easily. Climb to the peak of the tower where Giovanni is gift held. You"ll obtain a cut scene the will explain the situation. Afterwards, Ezio will fall into a hay pile and also the memory is over.

Memory 11 - family Heirloom

When you begin this memory, you"ll need to use Eagle Vision to situate a concealed door, i m sorry isn"t actually surprise well. Step right into the room and open the chest to gain your outfit and also a sword. You"ll be interrupted by two guards when you leaving the room. Take it them out.

I discover that in most Assassin"s Creed games, it"s better to pat defensively in a struggle and shot to respond to everything instead of spamming attacks. This is since if you"re being defensive, you"re much less likely to it is in hurt.

After death the guards, head come the memory location via the rooftops and knock top top the door to finish the memory.

Memory 12 - Last male Standing

This is the last memory of sequence 1. Cause the memory and then walk around the edge to the map marker because that a reduced scene. Afterwards, you"ll have a big group of guards chasing you and also you"ll must run far quickly. It"s less complicated to try and climb a structure to get away, as running the streets is lot harder, together there are guards that have the right to keep up through you. Once you"ve lost the guards, the memorys ends and Sequence 1 is completed, unlocking:

ACII | The ache of BetrayalComplete DNA succession 1.


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Additional accomplishments that you can get throughout Sequence 2.

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To acquire this achievement, you will have to climb Giotto"s Campanile and also perform a leap of belief off that it. Friend will more than likely pick this up together you synchronise viewpoints. The ar is displayed below. To rise to the optimal of the tower, you will should climb ~ above the church alongside it, climate jump top top the tower. If you gain stuck, shot moving left or ideal to permit to to proceed climbing. As soon as at the top, remember come synchronise the viewpoint prior to jumping off.