In the episode Nightingale, in ~ the start of the episode when Voyager is in the process of a major maintenance review there space at the very least 3 shuttles that deserve to be seen. I have actually lost monitor of the variety of times a shuttle has actually been destroyed. How countless shuttles does Voyager have, not consisting of The Delta Flyer?



According come Ex Astris Scientia:

The main Star Trek Voyager Technical overview V1.0, intended as guidelines for authors (sub-title: "Yes, yet which button do I push to fire the phasers?"), ironically claims that "Voyager normally carries two traditional shuttlecraft, 4 of the smaller shuttlepods, and also four EVA workpods". We have never seen any shuttlepods or workpods. The two lonely shuttlecraft to be obviously both an alleged to it is in of kind 6, because this one is shown in the booklet.

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In strong contrast come what the booklet said the authors, many standard shuttles of no less than three various types, namely type 6, type 8 and kind 9 (the last is designated as type 12 in the Star Trek fact Files and also as course 2 because the fifth season) were actually seen, and Voyager has probably shed as countless as seventeen of castle in 7 years:

How plenty of shuttles did Voyager really have at the beginning and also how many were developed afterwards? The aft ar of one Intrepid-class vessel does not seem to be huge enough to hold much more than eight Starfleet shuttlecraft, and also Neelix"s delivery which appears to be somewhat larger has to be stored as well. Installation the Delta Flyer into the shuttlebay is still one more problem (see also below). In an positive estimation, we deserve to assume that there to be eight shuttles aboard as soon as Voyager left for the Badlands. Due to the fact that Voyager"s enhance consists of as numerous as three different shuttlecraft types, that is a an excellent guess is that there were two shuttles of type 6, three of form 8 and also three of form 9. This way that at least seven new shuttles of different species must have been developed from stored preventive parts. Provided Chakotay"s exceptionally funny declare of a "full enhance of shuttles" in "Alice", every fifteen till then damaged shuttles should have actually been replaced, uneven he counts the Delta Flyer as an tantamount of 4 or an ext shuttles.

Given this, and Voyager"s apparent ability to construct The Delta Flyer while underway, they clearly had the ability to produce replacement shuttles.

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Voyager had up to 8 shuttles at any kind of given time, with up come 17 constructed during the show"s run.