The Gulf of Mexico, located between Florida and also Yucatan peninsulas, is a good place to vacation, live, and also work. There is no a doubt, the sugar-white sand beaches on the Alabama and Florida gulf coast are amongst the most beautiful on the planet. However it’s no just another waterway. The a diverse ecosystem v a long and also interesting history.

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Let’s look at some distinctive facts about this human body of water.

1. The the largest Gulf in the World and also the Tenth biggest Body that Water on the Planet

The Gulf formed about 300 million years ago, and also in all it incorporates 600,000 square miles.

Not just does that border five U.S. Claims – Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida– however the Gulf the Mexico additionally borders Cuba and part of Mexico.

2. That has exceptionally Old black Coral Reefs


A well-preserved shipwreck is seen in the Gulf the Mexico. Photograph credit: NOAA Okeanos traveler Program

The Gulf the Mexico is residence to more than 750 known shipwrecks, varying from contemporary wrecks all the way back come the 16th century.

It doesn’t hurt that a large part the the Gulf is appropriate over the north American continental Shelves, which way the water is relatively shallow. That’s an excellent news as soon as it concerns reaching those shipwrecks.

6. Some areas Are Really, yes, really Deep

The typical depth of the Gulf is approximately 5,200 feet, however other parts of the Gulf that Mexico space surprisingly deep. The Sigsbee Deep, 200 mile southeast the Brownsville, Texas, is approximated to be in between 12,300 come 14,383 feet. Now that’s deep!

7. That Holds as much Power together Beauty

The Gulf of Mexico is a well-off reservoir of organic gas and also oil. In 2011, the oil taken native the gulf comprised 54 percent that U.S. Oil. Herbal gas wasn’t much behind, comprising 47 percent the the U.S. Totals.

The first oil well to be drilled in the Gulf in 1938. Because that time thousands of wells have actually followed. Currently, there are around 27,000 wells, both oil and gas, that have actually been drilled and also abandoned in the Gulf.

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