Desmond Howard is a previous American National Football organization player. Currently, the serves together a university football analyst because that ESPN.

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During his playing career, he was mostly well-known as a kick returner. Besides, he play in a vast receiver place too.

Howard played professional football for number of teams choose Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, green Bay Packers. Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions.

He play college football for Michigan Wolverines and winner the Heisman Trophy with them.

In addition, the is the Most an useful Player of Super key XXXI andis also ranked as the ninth biggest kick returner in NFL history.

Desmond Howard

Moreover, Desmond is likewise a college Football room of Fame inductee. He had actually a successful career both as a player and also broadcaster.

You might be well acquainted with his face and also voice throughout pre-game shows and commentaries on ESPN.

But many of his fans space not aware of his career together a footballer. Thus, we have packed a review of his NFL career and an individual life. Let’s begin then.

Quick Facts:

Full NameDesmond Kevin Howard
Birth DateMay 15, 1970
Birth PlaceCleveland, Ohio, joined States
Nick NameDesmond Howard
EducationSt. Joseph High School university of Michigan
Father’s NameJD Howard
Mother’s NameHattie Howard
SiblingsOne brother
BrotherJermaine Howard
Age51 year Old
Height5 feet 10 inch (177 cm)
Weight85 kg (187 lbs)
Shoe SizeNot available
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
SpouseRebekah Howard (m. 1959)
ChildrenTwo Sons and also One Daughter
SonsDesmond Howard Jr. Dhamir Howard
DaughterSydney Howard
ProfessionFootball Analyst NFL player (former)
Jersey Number#21( Michigan Wolverines), #81 (Jacksonville Jaguars), #81 (Green only Packers), #80 (Detroit Lions)
TeamsWashington soccer Team Jacksonville Jaguars green Bay Packers Detroit Lions
Net Worth$14 million
Salary$3 million
Broadcasting AffiliationsESPN Fox Sports
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram, Facebook
MerchJersey, football Cards, Autographs
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Desmond Howard | early on Life, Family, and Education

Howard was born on might 15, 1970, in Cleveland, Ohio, to parentsJD Howard (father) and also Hattie Howard (mother).

His father, JD, to be a officially semi-pro basketball player who has toured with Jolly Jokers. Later, he provided to occupational as a tool and also die plant in a regional factory.

Likewise, Desmond’s mother, Hattie, supplied to work-related as an administrator in a school. Furthermore, the pair had 2 sons. Another one was Desmond’s brother, Jermaine.

Desmond went to St. Joseph High School in Cleveland. In his college days, the played because that the school’s basketball and also football teams.

Explicitly, Desmond played together a tailback in his an elderly season in ~ the school. Because that his excellence in football, he obtained All-American and All-Ohio honors.

During his school career, Desmond taped 18 touchdowns, 5,392 rushing yards, and also ten defensive interceptions. In addition, the bagged varsity letters in all the sporting activities he played, track, football, and also basketball.

Desmond Howard | Collegiate Career

Desmond to visit the University that Michigan. He to be a star because that the Michigan Wolverines soccer team and set twelve records at the team.

During the 1991 season, that bagged the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, and Walter Camp Award.

Desmond made it come the All-America first-team. In addition, the inaugural Michigan football Legend was inducted into the College Football hall of reputation in 2011.

Desmond’s college career began with much less playing time. The Michigan counselor helped him a many in an enhancing his confidence.

Howard to be a leading scorer through 138 points in the Big Ten Conference in 1991. because that his brilliance, pan voted him together The mountain Rushmore the Michigan Football because that the Big Ten Network in 2014.

The Heisman Trophy

Desmond had actually impressive stats in the 1991 season. This put him together a favored challenger for the Heisman Trophy, which he ultimately won the exact same year.

His “The Heisman pose” celebration event of imitating the football player ~ above the Heisman trophy is famous in the year. That did the celebration ~ scoring in a game against Ohio State.

College Stats

MichiganBig TenWR12913615.125112.201414710.52
MichiganBig TenWR1263102516.31155811.6068108315.911
MichiganBig TenWR126298515.9191318013.8275116515.521

Desmond Howard | professional Career

The then Super bowl XXVII champion Washington Redskins poached Howard in the 1992 NFL Draft. That was experienced primarily as a kickoff returner rather than a receiver.

“The return specialist” name came to him together he tape-recorded 92 receptions in his an initial four periods with the Redskins.

In the 1995 NFL expansion draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars picked him. Howard played one season through them. During that, he had 26 receptions, one touchdown, and ten kick returns.

Super key with eco-friendly Bay Packers

Later, in 1996, Desmond joined the Green only Packers. He had 58 punt returns through them, one NFL document of 875 punt return yards, 15.1 punt return average, and also 460 kickoff return yards.

In 1996, the Packers reached the Super bowl XXXI defeating the San Francisco 49ers. They winner the complement 35-21 versus the New England Patriots.

Howards made a 99-yard kickoff return leading to a Packers touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Desmond Howard (right)

He achieved the Super bowl Most valuable Player award. Notably, that is the only special groups player in NFL background to success the prize.

The Oakland Raiders signed him together a free agent in 1998. He had actually 61 kickoff returns there before rejoining the Packers in 1999.

However, he endured injuries and also poor performances. Thus, the Packers to be released in the center of the 1999 season.

The Detroit Lions

Later, the Lions signed him. The debuted for them through a special groups touchdown. Also, Desmond played together the kick returner at Pro Bowl in 2001.

That to be his first and just appearance in the competition. After perfect the 2002 season, Howard retired from football.

Desmond Howard | broadcast career

It has actually been nearly two decades because Desmond last played football. After ~ leaving the profession together an NFL player, Howard rested because that a while.

Then he join ESPN, wherein he at this time works. Due to the fact that 2005, he has actually been traveling along with Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit to the complement sites. There they sheathe the pre-game show ESPN university Gameday.

Desmond Howard together a broadcaster.

Howard mostly appears as one in-game studio figure. You have the right to hear his voice in commentaries when you tune to the Detroit Lions television Network during Detroit Lions’ pre-season games.

Moreover, the has likewise called gamings for the NFL top top Fox Sports. Desmond served there because that one season, sharing the studio with previous ESPN colleague Carter Blackburn.

Currently, Desmond is in ~ ESPN, where that is one analyst because that college football.

He has got prominent duties in College take care & College football Live. He evaluates the NCAA games and also other college-level games with his expertise.

Desmond Howard | video games

Howard has actually been featured in EA Sport’s NCAA soccer video video game series. He was the sheathe athlete because that the series’ latest installment in NCAA football 06.

The college footballers who went to the NFL the ahead year supplied to be featured ~ above the cover.

The famous Desmond’s celebration event “The Heisman pose” to be the illustration for the game’s new feature, “Race because that the Heisman.” The snapshot is an symbol for all those who are interested in university football games.

Desmond Howard | achievements and Honors

Howard to be a brilliant player in his college career. The 1991 Heisman Trophy winner has bagged honorable awards choose Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, and also Chicago Tribune silver Football award in the 1991 season.

Sporting News honored him v the College football Player of the Year 1991. The last ever UPI university Football Player of the Year location is hosted by him.

Desmond Howard mirroring his Heisman Trophy.

The Super key XXXI Most an important Player had received Big Ten’s Athlete the the Year 1991 award.

Moreover, the College Football room of fame inductee has had actually his jersey no. 21 retired by the Michigan University’s football team.

Besides, Howard had likewise been inducted right into the National Football college Football room of reputation in 2010 and also the college of Michigan hall of honor in 2008.

Likewise, that had likewise been inducted come the State that Michigan sports Hall of reputation in 2007 and also the Cleveland sports Hall of reputation in 2005.

Who is Desmond Howard’s wife? Wedding and also Children

Howard married his longtime girlfriend, Rebekah. She is an authorized attorney. Besides, she likewise serves together an executive in occasion management and marketing.

Reports suggest the couple got married in a private ceremony. The couple resides happily in their home in Miami, Florida.

Notably, the couple has had three children, 2 sons, and also a daughter till now. Desmond Jr and Dhamir are their sons, and also Sydney is their daughter.

Desmond spends sufficient time through his wife and also children. No controversies or tensions have been reported about the Howard family until today.

Desmond seems to have a happy married life as no extra affairs have actually been rumored entailing him or his wife.

Desmond Howard | network Worth and Salary

Howard has a wonderful university football career and also a decade-long expert football job in NFL.

Equally, he has actually a relatively successful career in broadcasting and also currently serves at ESPN.

Henceforth, it have the right to be speculated that the man has built up a far-ranging sum the fortune transparent his life.

“Desmond Howard’s net worth together of 2021 is estimated to be around $14 million.”

Some resources report the Howard has actually earned a total of $190 million in his soccer career.

Well, the number cannot it is in suspected concerning his success throughout those days. Desmond earns $3 million together a salary.

How old is Desmond Howard? Age, Height, and Body Measurements

The football analyst is 51 years old together of 2021. he stands in ~ the elevation of 5 feet and also 10 inches (177 cm).

Similarly, he weighs around 85 kilograms (187 lbs). Howard was born in Cleveland, unified States.

He schooled and spent every one of his job in the US. Consequently, he holds one American passport.

Social Media Presence:

Howard offers Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram together his society media handles. That is quite much active on these platforms and frequently reaches out to his fans and admirers.

One can have a glimpse that the latest college and professional soccer news with his society media posts.

Twitter: 377,500 Followers

Instagram: 42,000 Followers

Some FAQs:

Who do the Heisman pose famous?

Desman Howard imitated the posture of the man in the Heisman Trophy during his celebration after scoring versus Ohio State college in 1991. The photo went viral.

It to be a subject of conversation in virtually every sporting activities media for weeks. Besides, part critics contrasted the act to Muhammad Ali’s method of teasing opponents.

Where does Desmond Howard live now?

Desmond Howard lives with his wife and children in his home in Miami, Florida. He works at ESPN together a university football analyst.

Is Desmond Howard a vegetarian?

In an interview, Desmond has proclaimed that that takes egg whites together his post-workout meal yet does not eat any meat. Thus, whether you speak to him, a vegetarian or not relies upon you.

What to be Desmond Howard’s 40 garden dash time?

Desmond Howard’s 40 garden dash time was 4.35 seconds.

How lot is a Desmond Howard rookie card worth?

Desmond Howard’s rookie map price varieties from $0.05-$24.95.

Is Desmond Howard easily accessible for autograph signing?

Yes, Desmond Howard is accessible for autograph signing both publicly and also privately. Howard has signed at plenty of shows, consisting of the national Convention.

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What go Desmond Howard say around Devonta Smith?

Desmond Howard states that Devonta smith is the best wide receiverof the 2021 NFL draft.