Prepare yourself for as soon as you view Oprah’s salary—it’s mind-boggling.

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Searching the internet, i came across this amazing tool referred to as Salaries in Real-Time. The idea is to type in your salary and also then to compare it with other occupations, while additionally understanding just how long it takes you come make sufficient to pay because that a burger, gym shoes, television, brand-new car, and house.

A simple game that comparison and getting a far better perspective of her purchasing strength is insightful on that is own.

But finding out just how much Oprah makes was shocking. Since Oprah’s salary practically pops turn off the screen. And it’s conveniently, or inconveniently, situated right beside where you kind in her salary.

Take a look at at exactly how much Oprah makes in time intervals.

Oprah’s value in:

1 second= $8

1 minute= $2,400

1 hour= $144,000

1 day= $1.1 million

1 week= $5.7 million

1 month= $23 million

1 year= $300 million

(Technically i don’t think the ideal word is Oprah’s salary. The better word is most likely her income. But all the other examples on the calculator favor nurse and also teacher are paid in salary, therefore I watch why it’s worded this way. So I’m adhering to suit to stay consistent.)

Assuming accurate data, these numbers over are for sure ridiculous and also surely depressing if you kind in her salary to compare it v Oprah’s salary. I average Oprah brings in $8 a second and $144,000 an hour!

Next time you discuss pay through an employer, tell them you need $8 every second or friend walk, and also see how that goes.

But in seriousness, Oprah’s make a fortune every day. So why walk she continue to dig into her work?

Moral Behind Oprah’s Salary

source: Wikipedia

Beyond the intriguing salaries in Real-Time tool, it’s crucial to realize Oprah’s trip to success and also actions after success.

First, let’s look in ~ Oprah’s rise. Together I speak all the moment on this site, as well many civilization only focus on the end achievements, and also forget all the work and failures that resulted in success.

Oprah Winfrey put in the hours every morning and night because that years prior to being world-famous. Because that a fast example, Oprah as soon as said that earlier in her career she would acquire in she office for this reason early and also leave so late the she wouldn’t check out the sunlight the whole day. This woman concentrated on she work to the allude she didn’t check out daylight!

And when she reached great success v The Oprah Winfrey Show, she can have retirement to a private island with just how much money she made. However she preserved going. She continued acting, to buy her own studio, developed film and also television, published magazines and online media.

Now, you view Oprah’s Forbes page that perform her existing net worth at $3 billion, Self-Made Score of 10 out of 10, and her #12 power Woman rating.

And after every this success, guess what? she still working. Why is it?

Oprah continues working due to the fact that of her intense passion, engagement, and also love v what she does. And this is what I desire to highlight as the main point: Your potential success and also satisfaction is limitless when friend love her work.

Because when you love what you do, you deserve to put in more energy, overcome more obstacles, and have a “make it happen” mentality to discover success. And also usually the money comes together a byproduct of your hard work.

Action steps Going Forward

The action step is clearly to find work that you love. Because you’ll most likely spend the bulk of your adult life working, there’s nothing as an important as finding satisfying work-related that renders you excited each day.

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Here are the actions I introduce to uncover this work:

Communicate with human being in different industries you uncover interestingIntern or work-related for free in various positions come evaluate your enjoyment in the workSpend time showing to know yourself and also what you want

I realize numerous of you room doing work that you don’t love. If this is you, you don’t should make a radical change to number it out this instant. Save doing what you’re doing now, whether that’s gift a college student or working full-time.

But, every day make it a habit to do among the activity steps above. Because you never know where your interest and dedication will take you once you discover the work you love. Perhaps you’ll reach Oprah’s salary of $300 million a year, or possibly that’s no appealing come you.But either way, when you latch onto occupational you love, friend will discover satisfaction and freedom it is unavailable almost everywhere else.