CHICAGO -- The AllState Arena roared top top hearing john Cena"s new theme music, "My Time is Now," fill the air. As the brand-new Champion make his means to ringside for his championship coronation -- now a week-and-a-half into his championship regime -- it was quite noticeable that Cena is on cloud nine.

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Complete through a brand-new rendition the the location -- a "spinner belt" -- wrapped about his waist, the young athlete native West Newbury, Mass. Appears ready to usher in a brand-new era of world Wrestling Entertainment. Thursday night, recorded up v the champ to obtain the within scoop ~ above his an initial week as Champion, his customized championship, and his upcoming hip-hop album. What has your very first week-and-a-half together Champion been like?John Cena: It"s to be great. WrestleMania 21 was a dream come true. In ~ SmackDown! in san Diego, it felt choose I to be still dreaming. And right indigenous there, we obtained to go abroad and also tear it up, for this reason it"s been unbelievable. Where did the catalyst for the brand-new Championship belt come from?Cena: as with the United says Championship, the Championship required a makeover. When I winner the U.S. Championship, the was every little thing to me, and I remade that accordingly. And if the U.S. Championship to be everything, this is ten-fold. I had actually to come out real huge on this, due to the fact that everybody currently saw what ns did come the U.S. Championship, and also it had people thinking, "what else have the right to he do?" however this is what I"d desire a title to it is in -- anything and also everything -- and also there"s part crazy stuff on here. Can we expect an ext modifications to it is in made?Cena: prefer I said, I"m definitely adding more shine to it. Remainder assured, I"m tho gonna absent this point up a couple of notches. It"s gonna be also nicer. Why create a brand-new belt, and not keep with heritage by retaining the old Championship belt -- the one worn through JBL?Cena: i ain"t around doing things the timeless way, I"m about doing points my way. And also just the fact that JBL had actually that belt all that time provides me desire to readjust it up, ‘cause I"m certain it pissed that off. But of course, some people may not agree v my modifications, however this is mine vision that what a world Championship must look like, and I think it"s class. Can girlfriend tell me a little bit around the brand-new Championship? just how long it required to make? exactly how much does the weigh? What type of jewels space on it? how much did it cost? Cena: an initial and foremost is the glaze. This things acquired all type of diamonds ~ above it. You acquired round clear and pale yellow diamonds, round rubies. There are over 2,800 mini square Princess cut diamonds, plus there space clear triangular and also marquise cut diamonds, Marquise reduced emeralds, clean Baquette cut diamonds, and also one big 16mm clean diamond top top the side plate. Altogether, there"s a 3,484 diamonds and also gems. Then of course, you have the yellow -- 14K. My belt"s got much more carrots 보다 Bugs Bunny. And also you know, it"s obtained to have actually the platinum. I mean this thing"s gained so lot shine ~ above it, the weighs prefer 12 pound. And also it"s worth so lot loot, that I"m in reality considering rental two equipped bodyguards come escort me and also the championship around. Do girlfriend have any type of preference regarding whom you"d favor to see win the SmackDown! Championship collection and come to be the number-one challenger for your Title?Cena: It"s favor I constantly say, you desire some, come gain some. Of food I"d choose to have a rematch with JBL and also show him that my win over him at WrestleMania 21 wasn"t simply a fluke, and that I"m no the Buster Douglas the But I likewise wouldn"t mind having actually some various competition, favor Kurt Angle, large Show, or Booker T. Honestly, it yes, really doesn"t issue who wins the Triple hazard in the U.K., ‘cause your boy will be ready. Can we intend your title regime to be choose JBL"s, or will certainly this one it is in different?Cena: I"ll take it my cap off to JBL, that did have one of the longest championship reigns in history, but I don"t agree with exactly how he preserved it. JBL was all around finding shortcuts, and having people assist him success matches, whereas I"m all about doing things myself -- ns don"t need nobody"s help. For this reason while I"d like to hold the Championship together long, if no longer, 보다 JBL, friend can definitely expect a really different form of reign, and this masterpiece sitting right below in front of friend is just the beginning. Your brand-new album, "You Can"t view Me," will be coming the end on may 10th. Deserve to you phone call me a little bit about this? exactly how long it took to make? Who produced it?Cena: fine the album was created by Sony, and it"s miscellaneous I"ve been working on for rather a when now, but I think that the timing because that this relax is perfect for me, and if you noticed, the covering of the album watch very comparable to my brand-new Championship. How do you think the last copy turn out?Cena: i think the a the majority of fans space going to it is in pleasantly surprised as soon as they popular music in the album and also listen come it. It"s acquired a many of an excellent tracks, and a lot of different beats. I think the even human being who prefer this kind of music, but aren"t necessarily wrestling pan will reap the album, and also hopefully once they hear to it, and also they"ll want to tune in come SmackDown! to see what their boy"s doing.

See more: How Do U Say Goodbye In German Parting Words, Goodbye In German: 13 Ways To Say Bye In German Can we uncover your brand-new theme music, "My Time is Now" featured on this upcoming release?Cena: Absolutely, it"s the an initial track -- the album additionally has my original theme music, "Basic Thuganomics," i m sorry was likewise really popular. And also it"s funny, due to the fact that when I cut "My Time is Now," ns hadn"t also won the Championship yet, but now that tune couldn"t be any kind of truer. And it"s not also like had actually to promote it, or recognize it I any kind of way. The song speaks for itself, for this reason they simply popped it in a couple of weeks ago, and it"s acquired nothing yet a great response. What do you feel her future in the hip-hop industry?Cena: make music is something i love doing, Don"t get me wrong, ns love this organization like nobody else, and also this is my point -- i live, eat, sleep, and also breathe this -- however whenever I have some time away from the ring, you"ll uncover me in the studio. So will certainly I continue making music? the course. Perform I have a future in the hip-hop industry? that knows, we"ll see how things go.