My wife threw a surprise 40th birthday party for me, a month early. Cake and also balloons were anywhere the ar so i was having actually fun. Together the Geeky dads was standing around, us looked at the helium tank and wondered how numerous helium-filled balloons it would take to lift a toddler. Us were purely pertained to <…>

My wife threw a surprised 40th birthday party because that me, a month early. Cake and balloons were almost everywhere the place so i was having actually fun. Together the Geeky dads was standing around, we looked at the helium tank and wondered how numerous helium-filled balloons the would take to lift a toddler. We were purely concerned about their safety, that course.

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Helium (He) is the second element top top the regular table, an inert noble gas and a safer selection for balloons than very flammable hydrogen (H). Helium is lighter 보다 air and also able to lift around one gram every liter the gas. It has actually a number of industrial uses past being a standard at parties.

First, we should know just how much the boy weighs. Our 2 year old is roughly 30 pounds (13,440g), clothed. Second, we have to know how much gas each balloon holds. Back the balloons are not perfect spheres, we'll think about them as indistinguishable to spheres with a one foot diameter. Subtract 3 grams indigenous the lifting force of every balloon to allow for the load of the string and balloon.

The volume the a sphere is 4/3 * pi * r3, whereby r is the radius the the balloon. So very first determine the radius the the round (the radius is half the diameter). Cube the radius (multiply the by chin twice: r*r*r), multiply by 4/3 and also then multiply by Pi. If you room measuring her balloon in feet, that offers you the volume of the balloon in cubic feet.One cubic foot of helium will certainly lift around 28.2 grams, so multiply the volume that the balloon by 28.2.Divide by 448 – the variety of grams in a lb – to determine the number of pounds it have the right to lift.

Using the technique above, every balloon include .524 cuft the helium will lift 14.77 grams, or 11.77 grams of payload. Phew, we perform not need to be concerned around a kid lifting far from the party till we've enclosed 1,143 balloons to your wrist.

We did need to keep the toddler away from the older kids who were setting a poor example by breathing the helium indigenous the balloons to raise the pitch of your voices. Maybe next time, we'll to fill Xenon balloons through gas to lower the pitch.

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(Do not breathe helium for an ext than a couple of seconds, if at all. Girlfriend don't desire the contaminants from the tank in her lungs and also you absolutely don't want to let your brain seize up for absence of oxygen. Never, ever before use the nozzle on the tank for anything however filling balloons.)


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