Last year on Christmas while i was in ~ my aunt's house, I uncovered a Gamecube v two gamings in some boxes. I asked her exactly how much she wanted for them, yet she provided them to me because that free. She claimed that my uncle didn't want them any type of more.

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At first I was planning on playing the games, yet when I acquired home ns realized the both the Gamecube and also the games were new. Ns figured the it would be a far better idea to offer them.

I have actually a new in crate Gamecube, a sealed Luigi's mansion, and a sealed at sight Smash Bros melee.

For just how much must I market these for?Should I market in a bundle or separate?

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Is the gamecube box in good condition? No tears, rips, scratches, dirt, etc? Here's one on ebay for about $150 u.s. Http://

As because that the games , a sealed Luigi's mansion should be about $125- $200. Here's one for $169.99 u.s. Http://

Super smash bros melee varieties from $125 come $250. Here's a pair of examples. Http://

I would more than likely sell lock separately. For every one of the items friend should have the ability to get all over from $250 come $400, maybe also $500 if the items space in perfect condition. Any damage, markings, dirt, etc would absolutely lower the value though so store that in mind.

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These space asking prices, and also not have to the prices her items would market for. At sight Smash bros is a renowned game, but most human being want a copy to play. These room items because that a collector, not really because that someone who simply wants come play the games. Friend should have the ability to sell every the items, the may simply take a little of time to find the ideal buyer willing to pay the greater prices.