How lot is Obsidian Worth: Cheap or Expensive?

Obsidian is just one of the most renowned stones offered in jewelry today. But amid its prominence, just how much is obsidian worth? Is it considered cheap or high value in the decision industry? and also most importantly, is the worth worth her money?

How much Does Obsidian Cost?

There is no set market value for obsidian today. However, girlfriend can uncover its price varying from $2 come $100.

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Like many gemstones, the expense of obsidian depends on the handling it goes through.

The wholesale value of unprocessed obsidian may expense $5 come $10 per kilogram. However, a top quality cut and also polished obsidian jewelry space valued at a greater price.

But offered the price, walk this do obsidian cheap or expensive compared to other crystals?


Is Obsidian Cheap or Expensive?

In general, obsidian is no an high value gemstone. However it no cheap, either.

The price of obsidian is comparable to the of amethyst, black tourmaline, citrine, and agate, all of which are taken into consideration affordable crystals. Compared to other semi-precious stones, obsidian drops in the lower-priced end of the spectrum.

That provides obsidian among the many affordable jewel you can discover in the industry today.


Is Obsidian Rare?

Obsidian have the right to be discovered in many regions of the world, including the unified States, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Iceland, Ecuador, and also Brazil. Hence, the is not thought about rare.

This black rock can be mined in plenty of places because of the nature of just how it is formed.

The point is, obsidian is actually a volcanic glass that’s created from molten lava. Unlike various other gems the take countless years come crystalize beneath the earth, obsidian is made from lava that has actually cooled quickly above ground.

Since it’s created from cooled lava, obsidian have the right to be uncovered where volcanic activity occurs. It is why the is developed in many locations of the world.


How an useful is Obsidian?

As stated above, obsidian is not a cheap stone considering the value for that cost.

Although it’s a medium-hard rock being volcanic glass, the is sought-after in the jewelry-making market for that metaphysical properties.


Obsidian is widely well known for its security energy. Numerous use that to safeguard themselves from psychic attacks and harmful energies. Transferring this stone also helps absorb the negativity that you may be encountering every day.

Aside from protection, this black stone is additionally used in heal too. Some civilization wear that to cleanse the psychic smog it is clouding their power fields. This smog is resulted in by traumatic or stressful experience from the previous which deserve to inflict toxicity emotions ~ above people.


Is Obsidian Worth your Money?

Now that you know exactly how much is obsidian worth, you might be wondering: “Is it worth her money?”

The answer is yes.

While obsidian is less resilient than various other crystals, the metaphysical properties do this gem a valuable addition to your jewelry collection. That is glass-like appearance likewise makes the stone a stunning item to wear every day.

With proper care, your obsidian jewelry can protect you from negativity for a long time. Hence, it is certainly worth her money.


Types the Obsidian

While this volcanic glass is best known for its deep black color, friend can likewise find different types of obsidian. Relying on their color, obsidian stones have the right to be categorized into the following variants:



How to Tell genuine Obsidian

If she looking come buy a genuine obsidian bracelet, it is in careful. You might find fabricated versions that the rock that are made that pure glass.

Fake obsidian is manufactured in green, blue, and also red colour passing off together a natural stone. And they precious nothing.

When buying the stone, actual obsidian is harder 보다 glass.


Onyx Vs Obsidian Value

Onyx is one more black rock that is often confused with obsidian.

While both are an excellent stones, onyx and obsidian offer various benefits to your wearer. Black color obsidian has an ext intense power in it while onyx is known for its steady vibrations. Return both are considered protective gems, onyx is much more commonly used as a assistance stone.

When it concerns hardness, onyx is also more durable than obsidian stone. This makes onyx jewelry less prone to chips and also damages compared to that is counterpart.

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In regards to price, the onyx rock is an ext expensive than obsidian. The price of onyx can go approximately $500.