Margaritas, limeade, and even pies – we love lime juice in ours food and also drinks. The aromatic fruit is comparable to lemons, however it’s harder to predict exactly how much juice one lime yields.

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The fact is you can obtain anywhere between 1 and 4 tablespoons the lime juice indigenous a lime. The precise amount depends on the kind of lime friend use, its size, and its freshness.

We’ll comment on how lot juice you have the right to expect from the two main types of limes. Plus, exactly how bottled lime juice compares to the genuine thing. I’m hoping it will make cooking with this exorbitant citrus juice much simpler!

Table that Contents

Table of Contents

Types of Limes & just how Much Juice castle ProduceFrequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Types of Limes & just how Much Juice they Produce

Some think that limes are just unripe lemons, but they’re in reality vitamin C-rich relatives. It’s true that limes space picked unripe if they’re still eco-friendly (and prior to they turn yellow), however limes are undoubtedly a distinctive kind of citrus.

Today, three various limes room readily obtainable in the united state – the Persian, the crucial lime, and also the less common Kaffir lime.

Persian Limes


Also known as the Tahiti lime, Persian limes room the big, thick-skinned lime range that you uncover in most supermarkets.

Persian limes are more than twice the size of key limes. They’re typically seedless, make juicing much less of a hassle. So if you nothing feel choose squeezing a bunch the limes because that your following recipe, walk for the Persian variety.

However, friend will miss out on out on some of the iconic flavors of vital limes. Persian limes are less acidic, less bitter, but also lack “the kick” of crucial limes. These characteristics make Persian limes good for do refreshing drinks choose limeade (the vital lime limeade is just too acidic), daiquiri, and also margaritas.

How lot Juice walk a Persian Lime Produce?

Persian limes weigh around 2 oz; however, they also have a special peel which makes up because that a the majority of the weight.

A mid-sized Persian lime it is intended between 0.6 and also 1.2 fl oz, or between 2 and 3 tablespoons of juice

Key Limes


The key lime is more difficult to uncover in stores, but if you’re preparing lime cake, it’s entirely worth the extra effort!

Key limes are famed because that their extreme aroma so they’re favored in cooking. The sour-sweet taste is a good addition come drinks and also desserts, but vital lime juice is likewise used come marinate fish or meat thanks to its greater acidity.

However, key limes are very small, about the size of a golf ball, so the takes a lot of time and also effort to squeeze the end the amount of juice you need for many recipes. That’s particularly true since it commonly has more seeds than the Persian variety.

Key limes have a light environment-friendly skin through occasional yellow spots. The peel transforms yellow when the tree ripens, but limes are generally consumed when unripe. The rind is thin and also gives a exorbitant zest.

How lot Juice walk One crucial Lime Produce?

While limes certainly don’t have actually as much juice as oranges, you require 2 come 3 crucial limes because that each Persian lime forced in the recipe. Because of their smaller sized size, a crucial lime typically only gives about 0.5 fl oz of juice, i beg your pardon converts to 1 tablespoon of juice per key lime.

Can ns Substitute Bottled Lime Juice because that Fresh Lime Juice?


The short answer is – girlfriend can. Use the same amount of bottled juice as you would use fresh.

Keep in mind that fresh lime juice has a richer aroma 보다 bottled – the bottled juice regularly tastes cake or muted as result of preservatives, and it contains less vitamin C. On the various other hand, it’s simpler to predict exactly how your cake will turn out if you always use the very same brand that bottled juice. It’s merely a matter of preference or the details recipe you want to try out.

Some recipes ask for fresh lime juice, when others room designed to it is in made with bottled juice. One point to store in mind assumed is – lime juice does not last long. If you room interested in citrus fruit (and citrus juice in general), feel complimentary to start with our quick piece on how long does lemon juice lasts.

For example, this exorbitant lime curd recipe calls for either fresh or bottled lime juice, and also it likewise requires lime zest.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

What go “1 Lime Juiced” median In A Recipe?

Quite simply, the cooking recipes is call for all the juice you have the right to squeeze the end of one lime. You have the right to squeeze the by hand, or use one of several tools.

Manual juicing tools favor a hand juicer, a reamer, or an electrical or hands-on squeezer will occupational great. If you have actually a masticating (cold press juicer) or a centrifugal juicer, you deserve to trim the peel and also drop totality limes in.

How numerous Cups of Juice Is In One Lime?

You’ll need about 10 Persian limes because that 1 cup, or around 30 key limes for 1 full cup of juice.

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How countless Ounces Is A Lime?

A lime weights in between 4-6 ounces and yields anywhere in between 1 and also 4 tablespoons that juice relying on its size.

Easy Peasy Lime Squeezy 

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