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Refrigeration device Evacuation - 2012-09

Refrigeration system Evacuation

Whenevera refrigeration mechanism is opened up for service, appropriate evacuation is necessarybefore it can be safe resealed. That is an essential that non-condensables andother contaminates be removed from the system.

Asuitable vacuum pump, one qualified of blank-off come at the very least 300 microns orlower, should be linked to both the high and also low political parties of the refrigerationsystem. The dimension of the connecting hoses should be such the they will notrestrict the flow from the system to the vacuum pump. A vacuum gauge that readsin microns need to be connected to the furthest point in the mechanism away native vacuum pump.

Atriple evacuation procedure is strongly recommended. Because that triple evacuation, pumpdown the refrigeration system to 1,500 microns, and then break the vacuum usingdry nitrogen. At 1,500 microns any kind of moisture or ice trapped in the mechanism willoutgas. ~ backfilling through dry nitrogen to atmospheric pressure, operatethe vacuum pump a 2nd time to 1,500 microns and again backfill with drynitrogen. Finally, operate the vacuum pump the third time come 300 microns, butno lower. Close every valves and isolate the vacuum pump, then rotate the vacuumpump off.

Caution: at a pressure below300 microns (mT) the POE oil in the compressors will start to degrade and beginlosing that is lubricating ability.

Watchthe vacuum gauge to ensure vacuum is holding. If after five minutes there is aslight ns of vacuum, there might possibly be some residual outgassing in thesystem. Listed below 1,500 microns any remaining moisture is present as ice which willsublime. In this case the vacuum pump need to be operated one an ext time tofurther dry the system. After a organize time the ten come fifteen minutes at 300microns the mechanism is taken into consideration successfully evacuated.

Aninability to pump under to 1,500 microns indicates a device leak or a pumpproblem. A loss of vacuum to above 1,500 microns throughout the host test indicatesa mechanism leak. Device leaks should be repaired prior to the refrigeration systemcan be safely operated. Any system leak needs you go through the necessarysteps come insure there has been no contamination of the refrigerant.

Somethingto remember: ~ you have actually finished making use of the vacuum pump, a great procedureis to readjust the oil. Any type of contamination in the refrigeration system is now inthe vacuum pump oil. If you perform not change the oil and also the vacuum pump sits idlefor any period of time, the air pollution will start attacking its inner components.

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