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Ian Hecox
Ian Hecox
33 years old
30 November 1987
Sacramento, California, joined States
1.73 m
67 kg
Co-founder that the digital comedy companies Smosh
$18 million
November 2021

Ian Hecox is a well known American YouTuber, actor, director, and also producer. The is the co-founder of the struggle YouTube channel Smosh which he began with his friend Anthony Padilla. Ian Hecox create funny videos and uploads lock on his channel. Currently, his channel Smosh is the 4th most subscribed channel ~ above YouTube, with practically 22 million subscribers.

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Maybe you know about Ian Hecox very well but do girlfriend know how old and also tall is he, and also what is his network worth in 2021? If you do not know, We have actually prepared this article about details of Ian Hecox’s brief biography-wiki, career, expert life, an individual life, today’s network worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if she ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Ian Hecox to be born together Ian Andrew Hecox top top 30th November 1987 in California, USA. His parents space Sharon Hecox and Stephan Andrew Hecox. They have both appeared in videos the the Smosh Channel. Ian additionally has a sister named Melissa Hecox.

Ian perfect his high institution graduation from Del Campo High School. This is where he met his future Smosh partner Anthony Padilla. Castle both were with each other in a science class in 6th grade.

Ian and also Anthony began uploading funny videos on YouTube, which led to the bear of the now well known Smosh Channel.

Later on, Ian went to American river College but dropped the end to broaden the Smosh channel and also to open brand-new YouTube networks like Smosh 2nd Channel, Smosh games, and also so on.

Personal Life

Ian Hecox has been in a partnership with Melanie Moat, who is a former YouTuber. She has actually her very own channel named greatly Melanie. After your breakup in 2014, Ian ended up being romantically connected with Pamela Horton, who is a model.

Age, Height, and also Weight

Being born top top 30 November 1987, Ian Hecox is 33 years old as of today’s date 1st November 2021. His elevation is 1.73 m tall, and his load is 67 kg.


Ian Hecox and also his girlfriend Anthony Padilla started a website called Smosh.com when they were in your teens. Lock uploaded funny videos on the site, i m sorry was common by their many school friends. Few of their videos found their means on the brand-new and upcoming website YouTube.

I see the farming popularity of their videos on YouTube, Ian and also Anthony started their channel Smosh on YouTube. To date, they have actually uploaded hundreds of videos and gained an substantial subscription base of 22 million subscribers.

Inspired through the success that their original channel, Ian and also his friend launched many an ext channels favor Smosh games, Smosh pit, Elsmosh, and also Smosh France. Each channel has a continuous upload schedule of assorted shows.

Ian has also been component of movies like Smosh: The Movie and Ghostmates (released top top YouTube). Ian has offered his voice in the animated movie The angry bird’s movie.

The Smosh team has also created one android application called iShut increase App and another application to accessibility Smosh videos.

In 2017 Ian’s companion Anthony Padilla left Smosh to seek an independent career on YouTube, leaving Ian, the single owner the the renowned channel.

Awards & Achievements

Ian Hecox has received various awards and also accolades along with his Smosh team.

The Smosh team has been nominated for various Streamy awards, Teen an option awards, annual shorty awards, Webby awards, and also social star awards.

Ian Hecox first won the YouTube award with his team in 2006 in the comedy category. In 2013 the Smosh team winner the social star award. 2014 experienced them win two much more awards, Streamy award, and also shorty award. They also won the Webby compensation in 2016. Newly they have actually won 2 Streamy awards in the Live and also Gaming category.

Net worth & value of Ian Hecox in 2021

Ian Hecox network Worth

As that November 2021, Ian Hecox has actually a net worth the $18 million, which he has amassed from the revenue that his various YouTube channels, movies, and shows.

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Ian Hecox is one of the YouTube veterans that made millions by being at the right place at the best time. That has obtained success through his continuous performances that are popular for his perfect comic timing. An extremely talented artist, Ian Hecox proceeds to amaze and entertain his fans also after a decade-long YouTube career.