Harry Potter: The Tallest and Shortest actors In The Cast, Ranked over eight films, the audience was introduced to a multitude of harry Potter actors members. Below is how the actors compare to one one more by height.

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Tallest and also shortest bother Potter characters
over eight films, us were introduced to a multitude of Harry Potter cast members. There were, of course, the three main members that the child cast who were basically unknown when they were cast, and the countless well-known deals with of the teachers, fatality eaters and also order members.

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There is a fair little bit of height distinction in that cast, therefore we’ve ranked the 5 tallest and five shortest members the the cast based on their elevation at the end of the series.

By far the tallest human being ever cast in a Harry Potter film is martin Bayfield. The ex-rugby player no an actor and also has only showed up in a grasp of films, greatly thanks come his huge height.

In The chamber Of Secrets, that plays a young variation of Hagrid. He doesn’t speak and his challenge is hardly seen, so this casting an option seems come be practically exclusively under to the require for a tall person to beat the half-giant.

9 practically Headless Nick - man Cleese (1.96m)

You can not suppose it, yet one that the most influential and also famous members the Monty Python is also practically 2 metres tall. Next to his Python friends, you can sort that tell, however as the floats about Hogwarts currently several feet off of the ground in his ghostly kind of virtually Headless Nick, it no so clear.

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He shows up in every publication (and has actually a major role in The room Of Secrets) however we don’t view anything of that from the third film onwards, i beg your pardon is a shame.

that was one of the creepiest numbers in The Goblet the Fire (even despite he actually never finished up reprising his fatality Eater ways), and also this was probably aided by his outstanding height.

Bjelac play Igor Karkaroff perfectly, nailing both his threatening are afraid in the flashback and his newfound chaste desires in the present day. Us wish he had actually returned in later films.

7 Dean Thomas - Alfred Enoch (1.93m)

Interestingly, one of Seamus’ best friends was likewise one of the tallest members the the cast.

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As his role was slightly underplayed in the films, we didn’t quite get to appreciate just how tall that was, but Ginny’s once-boyfriend was looking under on almost all of the adult cast, and also his best Hogwarts friends.

was standing at nearly two meters tall, the fifth tallest person to take it on a significant role in Harry Potter is male Henry that plays Pius Thicknesse in the final two movie in the franchise.

His character is a Ministry official who has been placed under the Imperius curse so the he can end up being the Voldemort-surrogate Minister because that Magic.

5 SHORTEST: Seamus Finnigan - Devon Murray (1.57m)

We might know Daniel Radcliffe as among the many surprisingly quick actors in the world, however he was being repetitively outdone by Devon Murray throughout the whole Potter franchise.

Seamus Finnigan to be tiny as soon as we were first introduced to him, and remained therefore throughout. He was, in ~ the same time, among the most continuous sources that humour throughout the series.

Miriam Margolyes is recognized for landing some outstanding roles in her long career. In Harry Potter, she dram Professor Sprout.

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Her role as herbology teacher and also head that Hufflepuff house was consistent throughout the whole series, whether she was mocking Neville for neglecting his earmuffs or taking component in the fight Of Hogwarts.

3 Dolores Umbridge - Imelda Staunton (1.52m)

The most hateful, many heartless and hateable personality in the Harry Potter franchise (probably outranking Voldemort, to be honest) was Imelda Staunton’s, Professor Umbridge.

The truth that she to be so quick probably included an extra class to she menace, together she to be able to have such regulate and impact over Hogwarts, even when every other student and also teacher towered over her.

together Warwick Davis has a rare kind of dwarfism, he is only approximately 1m tall. He first shot to fame by playing window W. Warwick in Star Wars: Return the The Jedi (a function he reprised in The climb Of Skywalker almost forty years later), and landed many roles in Harry Potter thanks to his position as probably the greatest dwarf actor of all time.

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He is most recognized for his duty as Professor Flitwick, yet he likewise played Griphook in the an initial (through voice only) and also last films.

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1 SHORTEST: Verne Troyer (0.81m)

If there is one actor who embraces their elevation as part of their career, the is Verne Troyer. He ended up being well-known v his role as Mini-Me in the Austin powers films and stood at much less than 3ft tall. As such, he take it on the an extremely interesting duty as the physical kind of Griphook the very first time he appeared on our screen, even if his voice was played through Warwick Davis.