The regulation elevation of a basketball hoop supplied by pros and amateurs about the human being is 10 feet or 120 inch high. However just how many feet is the peak of the backboard…

How high is the optimal of the backboard top top a regulation-sized hoop? The peak of the basketball backboard do of tempered glass is 13 feet high or 156 inch tall. The backboard itself is 6 feet by 3 and also a fifty percent feet, which additionally starts 6 inches listed below the rim in ~ 9 and also a half feet.

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We space going to take it a look at at more on the dimensions of the backboard and also some that the common questions basketball players have around the backboard such as the layup square and also how high this square is. Why additionally basketball players don’t use the backboard more often.

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Basketball Backboard Dimensions

The backboard itself is measure 6 feet by 3 and also a half feet or otherwise recognize in inches together 72 customs by 42 inches. The optimal of the basketball backboard is thirteen feet. If the very bottom of the backboard is 9 feet 6 inches, 6 inches lower than the ten-foot rim. The white square provided for a basketball player to aim as soon as attempting a layup is 2 feet by 1 and a half feet. The peak of this square is 11 and also a half feet.

Has anyone touched the height of the backboard?

Yes, this male has check out the video clip below, the Vert Tech maker which is used to measure up one’s vertical leap, in the video clip it is leveled v the top of the backboard.

Them boys approximately something they just not simply bluffing🐰🐰

— Kerwin Roach II (
KLR_doce) September 30, 2015

Why is over there a square ~ above the backboard?

The square on the backboard is well-known sometimes together the magic square that is white 2 inches special around and is 24 inch by 18 customs in size. There really isn’t a global term for this square but the square is offered as a recommendation in whereby to aim once shooting a layup, hook shot, or a financial institution shot. This offers the shooter a focal suggest or a guide on wherein to aim once taking a shot.

Does hitting the Square ~ above the backboard insurance a make?

This will rely on a variety of variables when shooting including the angle, the touch, and also height. There are many angles and also heights native one location on the square you might hit from the exact same spot top top the court and the basketball deserve to still get in the basket.

With the right touch and angle most of the time as soon as you carry out shoot the shot turn off the backboard, in ~ the ideal angle and touch you have actually a very high percentage of make the shot.

Why don’t NBA players use the backboard more?

Players in the NBA carry out use the backboard much more than friend think, layups, post-up moves making use of a drop step, and also bank shots from around the rim. Native 10 feet or past you don’t see a entirety lot of bank shots this is since of a pair of reasons. One there is just a specific angle on the court where you can use the bank shot making it much less desirable. We room talking around a clues in in between the baseline elbow, i m sorry is a very small area you have to be in.

The second reason is straightforward the facility position in basketball is dying and also it is coming to be a guard game in the NBA with more outside shooting and also a much fast-paced game. The critical player to repeatedly use the backboard to be Tim Duncan. Football player from time to time still usage the financial institution shot, however Duncan was probably the most continuous in terms of using the every game.

Can you shoot from behind the backboard?

Yes, you have the right to shoot indigenous behind the backboard and many players have made this shot look at easy. The shot does count as long as it doesn’t touch the base or hit the shot clock.

Can you usage the backboard on cost-free throws?

Yes, you can use the backboard come shoot complimentary throws however the question have to be if girlfriend should? shoot the basketball off the backboard is favor shooting to do a swish. Make a shot off the backboard means there is no room because that error, it needs to be a perfect shot. You need the appropriate power and accuracy because that the ball to go into the basket.

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You are better trying to shoot her shot straight at the rim through a soft touch, and also backspin for this reason the ball has a better chance of making it right into the basket also with room because that error. A shot attempt off the backboard, will an ext than likely hit the backboard hard which way it will have a harder time slowing down and make it right into the rim.