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Love play Bloxorz however need cheat codes to play and also beat high levels? We"ve obtained every Bloxorz level code below from 1-33, plus a walkthrough of how to play and also beat the game.

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Bloxorz is a classic web-based puzzle game that can supply hours of head-scratching, hair-pulling funny for those who love a great spatial-orientation challenge. The geometry-based video game tasks players with moving a rectangle-shaped box across a plane, v a goal of obtaining it to fall through a feet at a details point. After each level players beat, they"ll be taken to a new level that"s even more mind-boggling 보다 the last. Together you start each new level, you"ll be offered a Bloxorz level password that enables you to return to that level quickly and also easily if girlfriend die. As you move to the most difficult levels this codes come in handy so you aren"t restarting the entire game again.

For those who may have forgotten to compose down a necessary code or simply really want to provide level 33 a try, we"ve placed together a finish listing of all the Bloxorz six-digit level codes. To use the codes simply click the "Load Stage" button on the game"s begin screen and enter the level code.

Additionally, for players that aren"t sure exactly how the game works, we"ve put together a rapid overview of exactly how to pat Bloxorz in ~ the bottom the this post.

Happy Puzzling!

Bloxorz Cheat Codes: complete List of Level codes from 1 - 33


Enter a Bloxorz level code on the video game home display to start a level of your choice.BloxorzLevel 01 - code : 780464Level 02 - password : 290299Level 03 - password : 918660Level 04 - password : 520967Level 05 - password : 028431Level 06 - code : 524383Level 07 - password : 189493Level 08 - password : 499707Level 09 - password : 074355Level 10 - code : 300590Level 11 - password : 291709Level 12 - password : 958640Level 13 - password : 448106Level 14 - code : 210362Level 15 - password : 098598Level 16 - password : 000241Level 17 - code : 683596Level 18 - code : 284933Level 19 - code : 119785Level 20 - code : 543019Level 21 - password : 728724Level 22 - password : 987319Level 23 - password : 293486Level 24 - code : 088198Level 25 - code : 250453Level 26 - password : 426329Level 27 - password : 660141Level 28 - code : 769721Level 29 - password : 691859Level 30 - code : 280351Level 31 - password : 138620Level 32 - password : 879021Level 33 - password : 614955

How to Play Bloxorz (Gameplay Walkthrough)

The goal of the game is to get a rectangular 3D crate to loss into a square hole located somewhere on the geometric aircraft for each level. Bloxorz has 33 levels or stages, each increasingly more an overwhelming than the one before it.

Directing your block is basic — simply use up, down, left and right arrows. The tricky component of the video game is not to let your block loss off the surface ar or world. If even one part of her block is hanging turn off the end, your block will fall and you"ll need to restart the level every over.


Orange block are much more fragile 보다 grey ones.BloxorzOrange Tiles vs. Grey Tiles

There room two types of floor tiles you"ll encounter in Bloxorz levels: grey and also orange. Grey tiles behave normally yet orange tiles are much more fragile. If her block stands increase vertically atop an orange square, your block will loss through and also the level restarts.


There room three types of switches in BloxorzBloxorzSwitches and Bridges

As the level get more difficult, you"ll encounter sets the Bridges and also Switches. Switches come in three types: hefty (X-shaped), Soft (circle-shaped) and also Teleport (two moons).

Activating a switch can do a variety of things. Some toggle every bridges open up or closed, while rather toggle only certain bridges. A bridge will certainly flash red or environment-friendly to show that it"s been impacted by a switch.

Soft switches activate any time any component of her block presses top top it.Hard switches need your block to stand upright on optimal of it to activate.

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Teleport switches allow your block come teleport to different locations on the aircraft by separating it into two smaller sized blocks. Girlfriend can pick which block you desire to regulate by pressing the spacebar. These little blocks deserve to only activate soft switches and also are no able come go with the leave hole. They have to be rejoined in order come exit. The blocks deserve to be joined together again when relocated next to one another.

Do girlfriend love playing Bloxorz? have special tricks and also strategies girlfriend use? Share v us in the comment below!