Great things have come from Minnesota, none far better than the Juicy Lucy! Contain your cheese so girlfriend have much more toppings on this mouth watering grilled burger.

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2 lbs. Ground beef 1 ½ tsp. Salt 1 tsp. Onion flour 1 tsp. Garlic flour 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 3 oz. Exhilaration cheddar cheese 4 buns, split and toasted

In a medium bowl, mix with each other the ground beef, salt, onion powder, garlic powder and also Worcestershire sauce. Divide the mixture right into 10 even sized patties.

Cut the cheese right into 15 strips.

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Press a small indent in 5 that the patties. Place three slices that cheese in the indent and cover through the various other patty. Push the sides with each other to seal in every one of the cheese.

Preheat the Indoor/Outdoor grill top top Setting 4.

Place the burgers on the preheated grill. Location the lid on the grill.

Grill the burgers for 4-5 minutes every side for medium rare, and also 6-7 minutes every side because that medium.

Top one bun v a burger, lettuce and also tomato. Serve immediately for perfect gooey cheese.

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