MAC address which is additionally known together the Media accessibility Control function comes pre-equipped in many of the HP Printers. This attend to plays an important role in identify every machine attached to a details network. The an equipment which is existing on your filter list have the right to only accessibility your network once you enable it. At any time you require to uncover the HP printer’s MAC attend to of your device, in the case, the printer can be an ext problematic 보다 computers.

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You may also take the assist of the HP support Assistant, to fix this issue. In this article, you will uncover easy come follow actions on just how to discover the MAC address on your HP Printer.

Possible methods to find the MAC address

From her Windows, you simply need to navigate to command prompt and type ipconfig/all. However, together we all know that all the printers space not compatible through the key-board feature; you should perform hands-on steps to carry out so. Before continuing with the steps to uncover the MAC address, you require to very first find the IP address.

Steps to discover your HP printer’s IP address

Navigate come the regulate panel that your maker and click open it.Head to the “Hardware and also Sound” section and also click ~ above the attach given because that “devices and also printers”.From the pop-up menu that appears, choose the “Properties” option.In this step, relocate to the “Ports” section and also select the typical TCP/IP port entry.Now, you have to click on the configure port button. You will certainly be command to the web page where you will check out the IP attend to along with the printer’s name.

After finding the end the IP address, find the MAC resolve by performing the actions that follow.

Steps to discover the HP Printer’s MAC address

Click top top the “Start” switch of your maker and open the Quick accessibility menu.Search the command note tab and also open it.In the next step, simply type the offered words without quotation point out “arp-a” and also hit the “Enter” key.Here, you have to look for the IP address that you found in the vault procedure and you will check out the MAC address accessible just alongside it.

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In situation you room unable to discover the MAC deal with or the IP deal with of your HP Printer use HP Print and also Scan Doctor. Friend can likewise get support from the HP Printer assistance team to discover the hasty-solutions concerning your HP printer issues. The capable team of technicians will help you ring the clock. You just need come visit the main site and use the “Live Chat” option. You may likewise dial the support number offered on the website to obtain served.