Free date of birth buttons, children eat free, totally free souvenirs and also more. All these freebies deserve to be discovered at Disneyland if you recognize where to look.

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This might shock many since of the fact everything else in ~ Disneyland is so gosh bland expensive.

Here room the height 24 freebies in ~ Disneyland friend should consider for your next vacation.


1. Gain a complimentary button if you’re celebrating a birthday, very first Disney visit, or various other special occasion.


You have the right to pick increase a button at virtually any keep in either theme park and always at the Guest relationships kiosk just inside both template parks.

And if you’re continuing to be at a Disney resort hotel, you’ll gain a call from a personality wishing friend Happy Birthday.

It’s likely you’ll get special perks simply for wearing her button about the park. Because that example, on my son’s birthday, he obtained a totally free cupcake once a cast Member i found it his date of birth badge.


2. Protect against standing in line a 2nd time through Disney’s totally free Rider move service.


Via Undercover Tourist

With rider Switch, one parent deserve to wait with the baby or toddler if the rest of the family members enjoys the ride or attraction. As soon as they’re finished riding, the wait parent have the right to go top top the ride and can bring a 2nd person (even if they simply went) without waiting in any lines.

The rides that sell a driver Switch pass include:

AutopiaBig Thunder mountain RailroadGadget’s walk CoasterIndiana Jones AdventureMatterhorn BobsledsSpace MountainSplash MountainStar tours – The Adventures Continue.


3. Skip the longest journey lines with your cost-free FASTPASS.


Via tips for household Trips

Instead of wait in the longest lines, acquire everyone in your team a FASTPASS as soon as you very first arrive.

FASTPASS kiosks are situated near the enntrance gate of choose rides (the rides with commonly long lines). Several of these rides include:

Star tourism – The Adventures ContinueIndiana Jones AdventureRoger Rabbit’s automobile Toon SpinSplash MountainSpace MountainBig Thunder mountain RailroadFantasmic!Haunted MansionBuzz Lighyear Astro BlastersMatterhorn BobsledsIt’s a small World

The FASTPASS is easily accessible on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed.

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Take her groups’ park tickets, and insert lock in the kiosk to obtain your FASTPASS for the ride — however remember each person have the right to only have actually one FastPass ticket in ~ a time. Check the Return Time, and make sure it works for you then insert your admission ticket into the kiosk. You’ll obtain a FASTPASS receipt v the Return Time window.

Once you have actually a FASTPASS, you can do every little thing you’d choose until it’s time because that you come ride the ride! Head directly to the front of the heat without waiting!