Ever set up a candlelight bath only to rotate on the lights after and also see wax anywhere your bathroom walls? right here are a couple of tips come clean it off naturally and effectively.

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Candlelight adds setting to a room, setup the mood because that celebration, romance, or self-care.

But cleaning up confusing wax isn’t rather so festive, so we’re providing our ideal advice for just how to eliminate candle wax naturally — and prevent wax stains, too. Currently you deserve to have live your ideal candle life without the stress.

Even a clean-burning soy candle can conveniently drip and spill ~ above carpets and also other surfaces, sticking to floors and also furniture long after the party’s over.

And if you’re not careful, blowing the end candles may leave behind a splash of wax on a wall, resulting in unsightly stains and discoloration.

Fortunately, acquiring wax turn off different species of walls isn’t together time-consuming together you could think. If there’s no magical candle wax remover the lifts off wax in a single swipe, we have the right to recommend a couple of tools of the profession that will certainly make your cleaning life a lot of easier.

Here’s just how to remove wax from wood as well as painted and also textured walls.


Before getting started on how to remove wax indigenous the wall, collection aside a microfiber cleaning cloth and check her pantry because that the complying with items.

If you need to stock up on any kind of supplies necessary for the job, check out lifwynnfoundation.org’s an option of natural cleaning essentials.

When removed melted wax from hardwood surfaces choose walls, floors, and also windowsills, you’ll want to make certain to harden the wax.

If the wax softens, you can harden it v an ice cream cube or ice cream pack. Then usage the edge of a credit card, plastic ruler, or butter knife to gently scrape the off.

Dampen a cleaning cloth with a little of cream furniture wax, biodegradable all-purpose cleaner, or lumber floor cleaner to tenderness wipe away any type of excess.


lifwynnfoundation.org TIP

Try this wax removal method as a wax or stain remover because that carpets and also clothing too.

For more tips on obtaining wax off of garments specifically, check out this guide.

It may seem counterintuitive, however using heat is the surest means to acquire wax to come turn off a painted wall without lifting turn off the paint, too.

Rather than chill the wax, set your punch dryer top top a medium setting to melt it. Wipe off the hot wax v a dry cloth.

For any kind of residue left behind, mix 1 part vinegar through 3 components boiling water and gently rub it away.


Textured walls can be trickier than smooth surfaces for removing wax because they’re stippled through ridges, swirls, or various other patterns.

Rather than warm up the wax straight to melt it, first place a paper bag over the wax stain and also aim your hair dryer at the bag, which need to lift turn off the wax spill.

If needed, dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup that water, making use of a cleaning towel to wipe the wall surface with the homemade solution.

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If girlfriend don’t have actually a hair dryer handy, don’t worry. You deserve to use an stole to heat up and remove dried wax, too.

The following process should no only work to eliminate wax stains indigenous walls yet from carpeting, clothing, tablecloths, and also upholstery together well.

Supplies you’ll need

Hot ironRubbing alcohol

Here’s what to do

Step 1: usage a scraper to very closely remove any kind of excess wax.

Step 2: ar a paper towel or damp fabric over the continuing to be wax.

Step 3: apply a medium-hot iron for several seconds.

Step 4: use rubbing alcohol to remove residue wax.

While it’s typical for candle to drip, splash, and spill, the best method to store wax stains off her walls and also other surface is to store them from happening in the very first place.

Here are four quick-and-easy tips because that prevention:

1. Location candles top top a drip tray or usage a glass candle seasoned or tin holder.

2. Store candles a safe street away from her walls and other surfaces.

3. Carefully cup a flame prior to blowing it the end to stop splattering.

4. Make sure a candle is in a solid, rather than a melted, state prior to moving it.

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