Ok, ns cant think that i cant walk underwater without plugging my nose. Ns dont know it… basically everyone i know other than my brother have the right to do it. I guess we never ever learned since we didnt spend a substantial amount the time approximately pools/beach even though we live in california. I can swim perfectly fine, however i couldnt host my breath underwater there is no plugging my nose if my life relied on it. Well im going on vacation in 2 weeks and also i have to learn. Now to the obvious questions:

How have the right to I find out to go underwater there is no plugging my sleep (sites… tutorials, appreciated)?

Am ns correct in assuming the the reason i cant carry out it is due to the fact that i havent remained in water enough (its not that ns dont ever go swim or anything… during the summer ns at a pool/beach at least once a week)?

If I do try, i simply swallow a the majority of water and it really stroked nerves me in the ocean due to the fact that the salt type of renders my throat “sting.”

Thanks in advance,


It’s every in your head. There is no physical training you can undergo in order to make her phobia relent. I offered to live in Cali (the first 14 years of mine life), and I recognize the dislike of salt water in your mouth. Begin out in pools.

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Try jumping right into a swimming pool without plugging your nose, simply let things equalize, girlfriend won’t die unless friend inhale. You have the right to safely exhale v you nose, and also water will certainly not displace the gasses contained within, uneven you begin doing flips or inverting yourself.

It’s yes, really a issue of conditioning, mind end matter. This is why girlfriend see little children doing quickly what you feel is impossible, they to be conditioned at very early age that this sort of plot is normal and also are no afraid the it.

Try holding her breath (mouth closed) for a few seconds in ~ a time, and also working your means up untill you’re comfortable. It’s just a issue of acquiring used come it. You’ll thank yourself if girlfriend do.

I need an ext info. On this. It doesn’t seem come me like this man is fear of water. One inquiry culov; have the right to you hold your breath over water and then dunk her head, and also come earlier up w/o swallowing water? no diving, not swimming around, mean just GASP– ((DUNK))–((UN-DUNK))–Ex-GASP. If not, if friend can’t even sink under the water w/o your neck being to fill it may be some weirdness going on w/ your epliglottis. Get ago to us, k?


I teach myself to execute this by breathing out forcefully just as i went underwater. This kept any kind of water from entering mine nose.

I no able to continue to be underwater for really long, due to the fact that I would certainly run out of waiting quickly. However with time, I was able to exhale an ext gently together I went underwater, and also get the same result.

Eventually ns learned to breath slightly just as ns hit the water, then stop exhaling. This is the method that works best for me.

The trick is come exhale out the sleep as you go under. At a details point, the air pressure in your nose is enough to save the water out.

You deserve to practice by putting simply the lower half of your face in the water. Begin to exhale an initial and punch bubbles. Climate experiment to check out how and when you deserve to stop and also still keep the water out.

Fill up your sink. Placed your challenge in and blow out. Pull your head back out and breathe in. Put your face earlier under and also breathe out. You deserve to work approximately taking bigger breaths and also exhaling harder/longer.

If you have long hair be sure to put it back. Once I swim mine bangs gain in my method and I need to go under, exhale, come up and “poof” my hair out of the means before i breathe in lest I acquire a mouthful of wet hair rather of ait

(I’ve currently started attract a bandana once I swim to store me native choking)

The way I learned to be to simply hum as you go under the water. Save your mouth shut, pick a note, and also go under. Exercise in shallow water if you require to. If you practice a lot, you should have the ability to do just around anything underwater without gaining stuff increase your sleep or under your throat.

I’ve play waterpolo for countless years, and also you can imagine how often one has to come up because that air with a gasp, just to it is in splashed in the challenge or have actually a sphere thrown in ~ you. Ns think I’m more comfortable in the water than I am on land now though


Since you’re walk on vacation to somewhere through an s worth swim in, i’m assuming (we all know what wake up then, but bear v me) the there may be stuff under water to look at. In this situation (or even if yes nothing come look at, it’s quiet a possibility) obtain a scuba mask. They have a nose piece which will protect against water from comes in, and will allow you view underwater.

Personally, I had a comparable problem in my youth, therefore I frequently wore a mask once swimming. Ns no longer have actually the problem, yet I don’t know what taken place or ns did to get over it. Now, I’ll simply flip over, dive under and swim about. If i am jumping turn off of something (feet first) i’ll exhale together I struggle the water, and also If ns holding on to a absent to autumn down quick I’ll exhale an extremely slowly to counter the ramjet result of mine plummet. Other than those 2 situations, water up the nose is no longer a problem for me.

What’s wrong with simply using a sleep clip?

I’m no that constant a swimmer, but I normally wear a nose clip once I do and it’s not that unusual. Plenty world class swimmers stay them.

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*Originally post by Ender_Will *If i am jumping turn off of miscellaneous (feet first) okay exhale as I fight the water, and If ns holding on to a rock to autumn down rapid I’ll exhale an extremely slowly to counter the ramjet effect of my plummet.