Pressure point Fighting or “knockout pressure points” is a topic that is shrouded in an enig and intrigue. However, assigning a clear cut definition to the term Pressure point Fighting is not such simple task because it will have actually different interpretations to various people, particularly martial artists.

Depending on the martial arts layout or system, pressure point fighting can range from gift functional and pragmatic come downright ridiculous. In my truth based self defense system, modern-day Fighting Arts, our pressure allude fighting approaches differ drastically from many martial arts press points by focusing exclusively on real civilization self defense applications. This means our pressure point fighting methodology is efficient, effective and safe which method that you will certainly stand the best chances of success when faced with a self defense encounter.

Pressure point Fighting Myths

I’m sure at one allude of an additional you have heard about the secret and ancient kung fu master who can effortlessly knockout a larger and stronger foes v a an easy touch of your hand. Or probably you have actually heard about the Zen grasp who can kill with just the slightest touch the his index finger – recognized as the death touch or “dim mak.”

Here’s a classic example of Pressure allude Myths.

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I to be a martial arts innovator through over 30 years of cultivate in truth based self defense and also I can assure you the such old institution martial arts pressure allude stories room nothing an ext than fairy tales, absolute nonsense the deserves the really same credibility as Santa Claus and the gold Goose. Sadly enough, there space droves that gullible civilization who will certainly actually think such rubbish and also actually devote a great portion of their resides to pursue and also study it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s feasible to kill a guy with one strategically put blow, but it has absolutely nothing to carry out with secret martial arts pressure points, ancient masters or esoteric teachings.

“Pressure allude fighting because that real people conditions has nothing to do with old martial arts masters or esoteric teachings.”

Pressure suggest Fighting Defined

So specifically what is the an interpretation of person pressure points as it relates to fighting? In numerous of mine books, I discussed the characteristics of pressure points offered in combat situations. I wrote, “a pressure suggest is a specific area on the human being body whereby a nerve lies close come its surface and is supported by bone or a muscle mass. Direct pressure come a pressure point area is applied by to mark it v a herbal body weapon. Some efficient pressure allude areas include: typical peroneal nerve, femoral nerve and also the infra orbital.”

What Happens once a Pressure suggest is Struck?

A powerful and intentional strike to a person pressure point target may cause some the the adhering to physiological responses come occur:

Extreme painStunning impact or sensationMotor dysfunction Balance disruption Reflex an answer

What Happens once a Pressure point is Compressed?

Pressure points targets room not just delicate to strikes, lock can additionally be compressed such together a behind naked throttle technique. A solid and prolonged compression to a person pressure point target may reason some of the complying with physiological responses come occur:

Motor dysfunctionBalance disruption Involuntary muscular spasmsDroolingDisorientationLoss of consciousness

If us take it one step further, we have the right to divide pressure point fighting right into one the three feasible categories:

Three varieties of Pressure suggest Fighting

Pain compliance pressure suggest fightingBlood circulation pressure point fightingImpact pressure point fighting

What are Knockout pressure Points?

The ax “knockout push points” is vague and also paradoxical and also does not always literally mean “pressure points to knock someone out”. This is since the words “knock out” often way different points to various people, specifically martial artists. Because that example, follow to part practitioners of karate, knockout press points are those targets which cause brief dizziness because that the evil one while other martial artists watch it together targets that develop a significant form the dizziness that reasons your knees to weaken or buckle.

“Unfortunately, pressure suggest fighting go not always mean that you will knockout her opponent.”

The fact is both meanings of knockout pressure points space inaccurate and also certainly impractical because that real human being self defense applications. Pressure allude fighting techniques that merely promote “transitory dizziness” are insufficient for real human being self defense conditions. In countless cases, they will not job-related on psychotics, drunks or drugged assailants and many various other real people conditions. Think about the dangers of using one that those dubious martial arts push points or what I favor to call “dizzying techniques” ~ above an furious attacker high top top PCP.

By currently you should have actually concluded the pain compliance pressure suggest fighting can not be taken into consideration as a knockout press point. While pain compliance methods do have actually its objective in part self defense situations, it should never be connected with words prefer “knock out.” together you would have actually guessed, over there are only two species of pressure suggest fighting that can literally be provided to knock who out! They are blood flow and impact pressure point fighting.

“Blood flow and impact pressure points room the just two develops of pressure suggest fighting the will allow you to knockout your opponent.”

Knockout press Points in Real people Self-Defense


In real civilization self defense, time is a critical factor and you need to employ street fighting methods that produce immediate results. Therefore, the just safe and sure-fire method of pressure allude fighting space those techniques that develop an immediate and complete lose of awareness for the adversary.

In modern Fighting Arts, when we to speak knockout push points, we literally mean pressure points that knock someone out. And since we only focus on real world self defense applications we define knockout pressure points as those targets that cause a complete and also immediate lose of awareness for the adversary. The operative words room “complete” and also “immediate”.

“In real people self defense, time is the essence. You should employ pressure allude techniques that create immediate and also complete lose of consciousness for the adversary.”

Essentially, there are just two methods to deliver a knockout pressure point that leader to a complete and immediate ns of consciousness. Castle are: impact knockout push points and also blood circulation knockout press points. Lets take a quick look at every one.

Impact knockout pressure points – this are vital and sensitive anatomical targets that have the right to be struck with your limbs. For example, knocking who out through a strength punch. Affect knockout push points can also be struck with miscellaneous hand held weapons, such as the kubotan stick, or club.Blood flow knockout pressure points – once deliberate pressure is used to these life sustaining targets, almost immediate unconsciousness deserve to occur. See Choke Out: Mastering the behind Naked Choke come learn much more about blood circulation knockouts.

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Pressure suggest Fighting Targets

I could write several an ext articles addressing various pressure point targets as they relate to me defense and an individual protection, but for the objectives of this write-up I simply want to focus on impact knockout pressure allude targets. Essentially, as soon as I say, influence knockout pressure suggest targets, I’m talking around exclusively highlight the assailant’s head, or what I contact “head hunting.” Therefore, the pressure allude fighting targets for real civilization self-defense include:

EyesEars TempleNoseChinBack of Neck Throat

Unfortunately, time doesn’t enable me to get in the certain body mechanics of pressure suggest fighting, but if you’d favor to discover more, view our instructional DVD pressure Points: The science of Striking an essential Targets.

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