How to preparethe rabbit nest box in heat weather and also in icy weather.

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Helpyour doe prepare because that her infant rabbits v timely and careful ready of the nest box.

Metal rabbit colony box

Your doe requirements a nest box in her cage before she gives birth.  job 28 after ~ the rabbit mating is generally the appropriate day to give her the nest.

Here"s what friend need, and how to prepare the swarm box:

If you’re using all-wire cages, you’ll require a commercial colony box.  In the coldest climates, hardwood boxes, or cable boxes with warm inserts, room best.  We use metal colony boxes.  Somehow castle seem much more sanitary come me, since I can dismantle them and scrub, also sterilize castle of sorts, through bleach.  A hare expert, Dr. Williamson, assures me that by dislodging all organic particulate issue after using the colony box, you can remove all the issue that germs like to live in, and that the wooden nest boxes space fine come use and re-use.
Ensure that the colony box is well-cleaned after using through the front doe.  I like to scrub the swarm box fine removing all staying organic material, spray with a strong bleach solution (1:10), let sit because that a fifty percent hour, climate rinse both box and also box floor well.Place 1 - 2 inch of jaw shavings in the bottom the the nest box.  In the summer, 1 customs is fine.  In wintertime, use 2 inches, or so. It"s winter in Washington State, so I put 2 inches in this swarm box, and also measured it because that you.  Usually, I simply measure by pour it until it is full the nest box through shavings up until the second knuckle of mine longest finger.
2 inch shavings in bottom that rabbit nest box
2 customs reaches to the middle knuckle on my hands

I favor metal nest boxes, but this wooden box is sturdy sufficient to critical through numerous litters. Clean well in between uses.

Fill the nest box loose to the height with straw
.  Straw will aid to insulate the kits, and also the doe will certainly chew some of it.Squeeze in part timothy or ar hay at the an extremely top of the rabbit swarm box.Thrust her fist into the center of the rabbit colony box, simulating a small burrow.  Push your fist in rather a way, but not every the method to the shavings.  I don’t think the does require the hint, yet perhaps it makes their project a little bit easier.


She’ll do among several things:

She’ll simply stare in ~ you stupidly...  she’s trying come fool you; she doesn’t want you to understand she’s about ready to provide birth.  Okay, ns don’t understand if that’s true or not...  Some does just don’t execute anything, various other than sniff the rabbit nest box and go place down.

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Some does room mellow as jello. They’ll simply pull the end a item of straw or hay, and begin munching, contents as can be.Some walk look at you like, "Sheesh!  What took you therefore long??"  They’ll immediately plunge right into the nest, and also begin come dismantle all the lovely layers and also thick carpet that shavings.  They’ll stuff your jaws with much more straw than they have the right to possibly carry, and also pace the cage, searching for the perfect place to construct their nest. You’ll think: "Dang, ns just gave you the perfect nest...use it, because that Pete"s sake!"  and also she will, ~ a while. Yet first, she’ll shot to ar the straw in this corner or that one.  You’ll give up watching in frustration and head back into the house. 

In the morning, you’ll find she’s excellent an absolutely masterful task of nest-making!