Everything You should Know around Redken Liquid shade & brand-new Color gels Lacquers 12th April 2021 Salons Direct

Redken. A well-trusted and frequent favourite in the beauty beauty industry. Founded earlier in the 1960s, Redken has contributed to end 60 year of great hair days, and also Salons direct is proud to sell you collections from this excellent brand. 

Redken pioneered the means for hair colour and hair glosses, they likewise have you covered for all your developer needs. Your client will leave the salon with their hair feeling super soft, shiny, and vibrant whilst also acting as a ton corrector! require we speak more? 

Today, we desire to emphasis on gaining you up to speed with whatever you need to know around Redken liquid colour & the brand-new Color gelatin Lacquers! Read top top to discover more

What precisely are liquid Colours?

Did you understand that Redken released its first liquid colour over 30 years ago? The brand began with the launch of its beloved demi-permanent gloss, together with their arsenal of  Shades EQ. This has now advanced into the advance of Redken irreversible colour fluid pair in color Gels Lacquers! 

So, the liquid colour is a little different from the timeless cream colour. This is because the consistency of the formula is more gel-like. This helps with application, as the structure is perfect for blended and additionally express approaches. Liquid colour is guaranteed to leaving your customer with not only a excellent colour job but likewise ultra-shiny hair. 

Liquid shade Gels Lacquers and Shades EQ are the perfect commodities to usage if you desire to attain perfect results not just in colour, but also by leaving her client’s hair in a great and glossy condition.

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What room the services of utilizing Liquid Color?

It’s quick and also easy come use- even if it is you’re a trainee or a senior colourist, this product is perfect for use. Perfect because that time-effective application. Liquid colour deserve to be supplied either through a brush and bowl or through a party approach. Color gel Lacquers room very totally free with Shades EQ Gloss. The two together not just offer 20 direct colour matches, yet they also provide the ability to perfect perfect blending with any kind of preferred technique. No issue what your preferred technique or what’s warm in the beauty sector right now- this product will certainly adapt come you, not the other way round.Colour melts? No problem. Root shadows? No problem either. This is the perfect product to enhance the sometimes tricky expectation of clients! 

What space Redken color Gels Lacquers?

“Color gels Lacquers is my go-to permanent variety because of just how much shine and also coverage i get, that my mystery time saver!” Dean Pool-Thomas- Redken Educator

So what specifically are color Gel Lacquers? that a long-term colourant in a fluid form. It’s been formulated come be very fade-resistant, whilst likewise achieving approximately 100% coverage. Pretty good right? 

The formula can additionally lift up to 4 levels, deal with stubborn grey locations and additionally leave the hair glossy with a high shine. Other determinants worth pointing out are the it’s an extremely low in ammonia. This helps if your goal is to deliver a high saturation of color for your clients, in addition to a balanced radiance. 

How to use Color gelatin Lacquers using the Redken colour Mantra 


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At Redken, they choose to do things a small differently. The an approach is to monitor The Redken color Mantra. 

The Redken color Mantra is composed of concentrating on different zones the hair, curated to minimise as much damage as possible. The idea is to perfect as soon as the colour must go on different zones that the hair, achieving better results whilst minimising the in its entirety stress her client’s hair will be under. 

ZONE 1: Re-growth/root area. Because that alkaline colour- use Color gelatin Lacquers come the an initial ½ customs of hair. 

ZONE 2: The mid-shaft area. For Acidic colour- apply Shades EQ where zone 1 finishes. 

ZONE 3: This is the optional zone, as no every client has hair past their shoulders. If they do- use acidic color (such together Shades EQ) to hair the is reputed over-porous previous shoulder length. This step is to be done last as there deserve to be a hazard of damages if you are working v colour desensitised hair. 

So, in short- The use of both shade Gels Lacquers and Shades EQ can be a harmonious duo, and with the aid of the Redken colour Mantra, friend can attain vibrant, shiny results whilst maintaining the condition of her client’s hair! 

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Are the shade Gels Lacquers any kind of different from other permanent hair colour on the market?

There space several separating features to color Gels Lacquers. Firstly, the handling time is fast- together in indigenous 20 minute fast. The product is simple to rinse out and also offers lull in application no issue what your wanted techniques are. Yet the ideal edge of all, you’ll be may be to provide your clients v a flawless colour finish. 

‘Color gels Lacquers is a modern easy method to cover grey whilst providing a high bright expensive finish.’ Thamina Hodder – Redken Educator

How have the right to I Mix Redken shade Gels Lacquers?

Color gels Lacquers is combined in a 1:1 ratio using Redken Pro-Oxide Cream developer (10 – 40 vol). Develop for as much as 45 minutes relying on your preferred results.

– 10 Volume: 20 minutes (1 level that lift, colour on the exact same level or darkening). 

– 20 Volume: 30-35 minute (2 levels of elevator / Gray Coverage). 

– 30 Volume: 40 minute (3 level of lift).

– 40 Volume: 45 minute (Up to 4 levels of lift).

Top tips because that the ideal results 

We’ve put together some tips on exactly how we think you can get the many out the this product range: 

Process indigenous 20 minutes

Allow the shade Gels Lacquers to develop for the complete 20 minutes, together this will permit the oxidative dyes to job-related effectively, ensuring the colour will be locked in, ensuring longer-lasting outcomes for your client. 

Application tip

A tip, however by no method the only method to apply. Making use of an applicator party is the most basic application because that Zone 1- constantly swirl, never shake the bottle! 

Understand the difference in between the labels

As the color Gels Lacquers variety consists of four various families, it’s important to recognize what each represents so the you can achieve the finest results for her clients. 

Don’t worry there’s just 4, and they’re presented on the labels. Here’s a breakdown: 

Gray coverage 

To attain full coverage of white hair, it’s precious considering a formula that ½ – 1 full level darker in your favored Super Coverage Family. This is recommended, instead of jumping straight to NN series

It’s additionally worth mentioning, ASH BROWN shades can be intermixed freely with various other shades for grey hair. You won’t lose complete coverage, and you’ll also accomplish a lovely neutralisation of herbal warmth. 

Reduce saturation

If achieving complete coverage isn’t other you’re overly concerned about, include CLEAR to her shades. This broadens your color palette and also helps to alleviate saturation. 

The perfect pair

When deciding the perfect complement shade in Shades EQ Gloss to refresh area 2&3, use the the shade names as your overview when selecting.

Helpful resources to recognize about 

Lastly, we understand that also the most an elderly practitioners never ever stop learning. We’ve gathered some beneficial resources with each other to aid you ace your craft. L’Oréal accessibility allows you to find out 24/7, at her convenience. Below are some we think are useful:

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