I have three photos of unlike size. I desire to add them side by side horizontally in ms Word 2007/2010.

Currently once I manually include them through Insert -> snapshot then they are added without proper spacing between them. Likewise since I have to manually resize them ns am unable to resize them exactly to same size. So the is looking really bad with unequal size photos with improper alignment.

Is over there a method by which ns can include images properly?



1) revolve on Show/Hide

2) struggle Enter sufficient times to produce space

3) Click in former of one of these brand-new lines, and then insert your first image. Do the one ~ above the ideal to make things easier.

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4) twin click her image, and also in the ribbon uncover text wrapping and also choose the In front of text option. Others might work... This is simply the one I constantly use.

5) click the image and also holding down your click, traction the picture where desired.

6) Repeat 3-5 because that the various other two images.

7) as soon as you species your 3 images, you deserve to judge if you need to resize one or an ext images. When doing this, store your facet ratio by only using the corner pick boxes as soon as resizing her image, and also don\"t touch the side choose boxes. If one is no horizontally aligned as soon as resized, you have the right to simply grab and move as required to align.

8) revolve off Show/Hide (optional)

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You have the right to use a broad-less table with three columns and also and one row, climate you can size the table the way you want and past your pictures inside the cells, also, if you like, girlfriend may add captions top top the next row (add brand-new row below), bellow each of the figures. Ns hope through this you would certainly get an ext control ~ above sizing.

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