Hello, ns am looking come buy a Husqvarna 54 customs riding tractor. The tractor is too wide to make it right into my shed. Is the reasonable to remove the mower deck? It appears I just have actually to attach a couple of clips and connect the belt. The quesion is , is this a 5-10 minute project or a 45-60 minute job. Perform I just need to just attach the mower deck or perform I additionally have to level it and make other adjustments? also I am assuming the tractor have the right to funcion together a regular vehicle w/o the mower. Ns would like to use it with a wagon mine property. Lastly, what does anyone think of Husqvarna for tractors? come me they it seems to be ~ to be made better than the competition. Any type of thoughts? numerous Thanks---Aristotle.

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13 year ago

Can"t discuss the Husqvarna specifically however most decks can be removed relatively easily but are a little more daunting to get back on. I have a JD and also I need to re-level the deck every time ns take it turn off (about a 30 minute job of crawling around on the floor which ns don"t favor at all). The should come to be "just a tractor" as soon as the deck and belt space removed. Maybe a Husqvarna owner will come along in a bit.


13 years ago

Get an "additional" burned that is big enough.I"m sure you will discover enough stuff to fill upthe remainder of it.


13 year ago

Get a bigger melted or a smaller deck. When the hook ups and also disconnects room not difficult, the job will gain old if you must remove the deck everytime you placed it away. The 54 inch deck is heavy.

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10 year ago

Iam 70 years old three hip replacements, looking for the easest means to remove mower deck for sharping blades, I deserve to just loss down, however getting earlier up is tough.


8 years ago

TO remove THE MOWER DECK from A HUSQVARNA TRACTOR LAWN MOWER calls for disengaging 5 supporting call points in between the mower deck and the tractor. The user manual describes these clearly.

Then there is likewise the should disengage the mower clutch cable and also spring native the mower deck"s idler arm. The user hand-operated (2012) describes this step based on an old variation of the clutch cable (part number 532 43 51-10) the my version YTH21K46 does not have. The cable housing guide piece on my clutch cable is newer and also different.

The cable housing overview snaps right into a parentheses (part number 532 19 72-50) screwed ~ above the mower deck. Once snapped into the parentheses thusly the clutch cable is anchored in place and provides the correct angle for the cable/spring"s activity as it engages and also releases the mower"s idler arm.

Unsnapping the cable housing overview from the bracket entails a two-part step. Utilizing pliers, squeeze the top plastic "prong" down on the component of the cable housing guide protruding on the appropriate side from the bracket. V the prong down/compressed, traction the cable and housing guide to the left with the bracket. Once the overview is out, the cable wire can be separated native the clip by lifting it with the small slot cut in the top of the bracket. V the cable now cost-free of the bracket it"s a item of cake to detach the cable feather from the idler arm.

I have attached a photo of the cable housing guide and also the bracket after ~ popping the guide out. (The bracket has actually been unscrewed from the mower deck in this photo.)

To reinstall the cable in the bracket, on slide the cable into the hole in the bracket and also push the housing overview through until it snaps into place.