Service and Maintain your Volvo Truck on The Road.

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The Volvo Truck diagnostic scanner enables you to read and also erase the fault codes the relate to the check engine light on her truck. It functions on every Volvo Trucks provided in the drop under box above.

With the password reader, you can quickly uncover out trouble causes (troubleshooter) of electronically regulated systems on her truck, by simply connecting the reader to the diagnostic socket, whilst reading the trouble password (DTC) displayed on the device, and also hence, identifying, locating and also checking problem causes.

Tool support the following ECU"s:- Engine- Transmission- tool Panel- Drivetrain- Braking system & ABS- digital Power Steering (EPS)- Electronic Stability regimen (EPS)- Fuel System- and also more

Package Includes:1 x Diagnostic tool1 x USB cable1 x User manual1 x 6 pen connector1 x 9 pin connector1 x OBD2 connection1 x Nylong bring bag

Choose her Volvo Truck year and model indigenous the drop down list above.

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This Heavy Duty password reader because that Volvo trucks permits you to read and also erase the error codes the relate to the inspect engine irradiate on your truck. The will job-related with your details truck as detailed in the drop down boxes above, so you re welcome select.

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With this password reader, you can quickly find out trouble reasons (troubleshooter) of electronically controlled systems on your truck, by just connecting the machine to her truck"s diagnostic socket, whilst analysis the trouble password (DTC) presented on the device, and also hence, identifying, locating and checking trouble causes. Will certainly cover troubles the your truck ECU is qualified of handling, varying from engine, transmission, brakes, O2 sensors, suspension, ABS, fuel system and more!


Works v all 1997 and also newer trucks Reads and clears Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTCs)Supports many trouble password requests: generic, pending, manufacturer, etcUniquely featured with battery strength monitor functionTroubleshooting tips guide technicians to the root of troubles faster, conserving diagnosis and repair timeHighly reliable and also accurateEasy-to-read crystal-clear backlit 2-line LCD displayEasy come use v one plug-inRead PCM live data stream, v graphic data DisplaySoftware upgrade via internetStand-alone unit through no require for second laptop / computer systems to operateSmall in size and also conveniently fits in your palm and performs continuous DTC scansSafely communicates v the on-board computer

Display DTC definition, freeze frame data, monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions), and also vehicle info (VIN, CIN and also CVN)


Works v all protocols including:

J1578J1939J1708SAE J1850 – PWMSAE J1850 – VPWISO 9141-2ISO 14230-4 – KWP 2000ISO 15765-4 / SAE J2480 – Controller Area Network (CAN)

Choose her Volvo Truck year and model indigenous the drop under list above.