Any foreigner life in southern Korea knows just how intense it have the right to be to fill the end a postcard or just write your Korean resolve properly. As soon as it concerns sending a postcard, the struggle deserve to be real, so trust us, you desire to be ready for that!

The score of this great is to assist you understand just how to send a postcard, how and where to write the recipient’s name, resolve and also a few cultural insights. If you’re a K-Pop fan, you will be able to send a fan letter to your K-Pop prejudice so keep reading!

Want to victory a korean postcard? After friend learn how to fill out a korean postcard… this is your chance to success a an individual postcard indigenous Jae, our Korean hold at! all the way from southern Korea… and addressed directly to you.

Rules: 5 lucky winners will certainly be chosen to gain the postcard. Plot fast! The challenge ends on august 22nd, 2017!

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Post Office Words
Introduction to Korean
Sending a Postcard
Post Office Phrases


What better way to obtain started than through learning simple vocabulary! right here are some oriental words you will have to know:

주소 (juso): address, residence봉투(bongtu): envelope엽서(yeopseo): postcard이름 (ireum): name편지(pyeonji): letter우표 (upyo): stamp우체국 (ucheguk): short article office편지를 쓰다 (pyeonjireul sseuda): compose a letter받는 사람 (banneun saram): recipient보내는 사람 (bonaeneun saram): sender

Any foreigner living in south Korea knows exactly how intense it deserve to be to fill the end a postcard or simply write her Korean resolve properly. Once it involves sending a postcard, the struggle can be real, so trust us, you desire to be prepared for that!

The score of this great is to help you understand how to send a postcard, how and also where to create the recipient’s name, attend to and also a few cultural insights.

Since 2014, South oriental been making use of the street address system. All highways will have actually names which finish in 대로 (daero, huge road,) 길 (gil, road) or 로 (ro, road.) due to the change, structures were given new building numbers, for this reason make certain to usage the new building numbers once writing postcards to southern Korea.
Let’s obtain down come business and also give girlfriend what you come for — the secret to creating a Korean resolve on a postcard, or any kind of kind of letter you would have to post.

When creating a oriental address, you must start v your name and deal with in the top-left edge of the postcard. Once writing the deal with in Korean, rather of composing the street name, city, and state, you begin with the province or state, city or ward, and also then the street name.

Afterward, create the surname and deal with of the recipient on the bottom-right edge of the postcard. You will also an alert five squares published on the top-left and bottom-right corners of the postcard. These room for the postal code. So compose the five-digit postal password in the 5 squares.

김남준 - Recipient’s name. In Korea, the last name comes before the first name and also is often followed by one honorific word, like 귀하 (gwiha), an interpretation “dear.”서울시 - Province, or city if the city doesn’t belong to a province강남구 - City or ward학동로30길 - Street name and street number5 - Street level address, residence number06104 - Postal code, written of five numbers

Now girlfriend know just how to create an address the oriental way! but if friend absolutely want to stick come the west style, it will still it is in delivered. Right here is the same example as above, however in English:

Namjun Kim5 hakdongro 30-gil, GangnamguSeoul06104

If you room an pure beginner yet you want to gain started composing a postcard in Korean, you can learn exactly how in the Hana Hana Hangul lessons and learn the korean alphabet.

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5. How to Send a Postcard as soon as Living in southern Korea


You will have actually to discover a short article office to gain it stamped. Korean write-up offices are straightforward to find in most towns and cities, and also are significant with the price above.

Once you hand end the postcard or any kind of other mail, they will weigh the letter and also then tell girlfriend the price, the flat rate of one post card being ‎300 oriental won (around 30 cents) for surface ar mail and 400 korean won (around 40 cents) for airmail all over the world. ~ paying, you’ll gain the stamps and the choice for the post office to take it the letter climate or because that you to write-up it later. It’s no complicated, except for the interaction aspect. So for you oriental learners, here are 5 survive phrases to successfully post your card:

우체국이 어디예요?Uchegugi eodiyeyo?Where is the article office?우표 하나 주세요.Upyo hana juseyo.Please provide me a stamp.항공편으로 할게요.Hanggongpyeoneuro halgeyo.By air letter please.이걸 영국으로 보내고 싶은데요.Igeol yeonggugeuro bonaego sipeundeyo.I’d choose to send this come the U.K.

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언제 도착해요?Eonje dochakhaeyo?When will certainly it arrive?

Now friend are ready to send a oriental postcard or a letter. Not just you can send postcards, but likewise business letter or packages, together they adheres to the same process. Just check your shipping options. Friend can select the EMS parcel tracking (Express) or a cheaper and longer option…You will find all the information you need on the English web page of the Korea post official website.

Understanding Korean society and personalizeds will definitely help you on your means to getting to fluency!