Cockatiels are severe contenders because that being one of the most popular birds to own as a pet. And no wonder! They room beautiful birds v gentle and also loving personalities. They are additionally charming, smart, and enjoy spending quality time with their owners.

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If she trying to number out if her cockatiel is mrs or male, however, this deserve to be a little tricky. Over there are many bird types where it’s quite easy come tell the distinction through appearance, and the cockatiel does have some physical characteristics that can aid you figure out the gender. However there are specific color mutations the make this more of a challenge.

You can additionally look at behavioral distinctions, so review on, and we’ll go over the best methods for determining if her cockatiel is male or female.

At What period Can girlfriend Tell the distinction in Gender?

Typically, through 6-9 month of age, young cockatiels have actually their an initial molt, ultimately leading them to construct their adult coloration. This can also include behavioral changes the can suggest towards gender.

There are specific behaviors a chick can exhibit that could make you believe your cockatiel is masculine or female, but it’s usually finest to wait till it comes into its adult coloring and behaviors.

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If you have the an ext commonly fancy cockatiel, such together the gray, fallow, silver, whiteface, or cinnamon, you can use the following as a guide. This relates only to adult cockatiels that have taken on their adult coloration:

Lutino – Females will have faint barring on your tails. A Pied Lutino will not have to have any type of barring, therefore you’ll should use other approaches to figure out the sex. Pearl – Females store the pearled markings, whereas the males will shed those markings. A Pied Pearl male might retain few of the pearl markings. Albino – They are additionally known together Whiteface Lutinos. Unfortunately, because they room pure white, friend can’t figure out the sex based upon coloring. Yellowface – The Yellowface cockatiel has actually the exact same coloring together the Gray, just minus the orange cheek patches. Males have actually yellow faces and also lose the tail and wing barring, and females have gray faces and also keep the barring.

Behavioral Differences

When you can not tell through the coloring, there are certain differences in behavior between the males and also the females.

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Male cockatiels are much much more vocal 보다 females. They often tend to it is in quieter or don’t song at all once they are young, yet once castle are around 6 month of age, they start singing and also whistling and also mimic specific sounds.

Females are much less likely come vocalize, yet that doesn’t mean that they never ever sing—they’re simply a small quieter than the males.

Mating Behavior

Males are an ext likely to strut around—you’ll check out them sticking their chests out while strutting and also engaging in singing at the exact same time. You’ll view them lift your wings typically while whistling and singing. They can also shot to girlfriend with other objects and also toys. You can shot placing a winter in your cockatiel’s cage together males will be rather fascinated through their reflection, conversely, females will lose interest quickly.

Females nothing take part in this form of reflecting off however will instead droop their wings down, advanced their rear end and also make soft cooing sounds.

Personality Differences

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Female cockatiels tend to be fairly reserved and shy and might hold ago if yes a the majority of noise and task occurring. They will certainly stay back and observe and make prepared to fly far if they believe there is a threat.

They love cuddling increase on their favorite human’s shoulder and also will look for out her companionship a most the time. Many females can additionally be rather spunky.


Male cockatiels are typically curious, outgoing, and also love to show off. Castle are absolutely noisier and will additionally enjoy safety time with you together you go around your business. Males will certainly gravitate to the parts of the cage where there is the many activity, including other birds and also people.

He’ll even end up being animated both in hopping around and in whistling to get your attention. Masculine cockatiels are additionally not shy to display their dislike that anything, even if it is it’s for food or not getting your attention.

DNA Testing

The last resort is to acquire a DNA test done for your cockatiel if you can’t walk by any kind of physical or behavior characteristics. Girlfriend will must either pluck a feather from her bird’s chest or take it a blood sample (which have the right to be completed by snipping the rapid in the bird’s nail). You can ask your vet for a DNA kit, or you can order one online. You could be more comfortable asking your vet to gather the sample because that you.

You can also have her vet try to sex your cockatiel but, in some cases, it have the right to prove very difficult even for the most experienced veterinarians.

Summing Up



So, in some cases, it might be relatively easy to determine whether or not your cockatiel is a male or female, but in others, it’s nearly impossible brief of a DNA test. In numerous ways, uneven you’re planning on breeding your cockatiel, understanding the gender doesn’t yes, really matter. Having actually a great relationship and taking excellent care of her pet is what truly matters in the long run.

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Kathryn Copeland

Kathryn was a librarian in a vault lifetime and is at this time a writer about all things pets. Once she to be a child, she hope to job-related in zoos or through wildlife in some way, many thanks to she all-consuming love because that animals. Unfortunately, she"s not strong in the sciences, therefore she fills she days v researching and writing about all kinds of animals and spends time playing through her adorable yet terribly naughty tabby cat, Bella. Kathryn is hoping to add to her family members in the close to future – maybe one more cat and a dog.