Genealogy jewel reader and listener Walt has actually enjoyed creating some exciting family history and family tree maps and files in Google Earth using the methods I teach right here at ancestry Gems. He composed me recently to say that he is dazzling to have actually a brand-new computer, yet he is now challenged with exactly how to transfer Google Earth papers he produced for household history from his old computer system to his shiny new one. The great news is that it’s not complicated at all!

How to transfer your Google planet files:


1. On her old computer system open Google Earth

2. All of your records in Google planet are in the locations panel. In the areas panel, click the small arrow pointing in ~ “My Places” to close it

3. Right-click on MyPlaces and also select “Save location As” indigenous the small pop up menu

4. Name the paper OLD GOOGLE EARTH and select where you want to save it on your difficult drive. (Saving it to your desktop computer will make it easy to find, or simply your C: drive. If you use Dropbox, you might save the there and then easily accessibility it indigenous Dropbox on your brand-new computer.)click “Save”

5. Send an email to yourself and also attached the save .KMZ record that you just created.

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6. Open the email on your brand-new computer(make sure you already have Google earth downloaded on to your brand-new computer)

7. Dual click the attached KMZ record to open up it

8. Your computer will detect it is a Google Earth paper and will open up it in Google Earth.

9. The document will be stored in the areas panel under short-lived PlacesClick, drag and also drop the paper from temporary to MyPlacesUnder the menu click paper > save > save MY places to save it.

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