I know that to unlock Find Mii 2 you need to get all the hats from the original Find Mii.

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I played through Find Mii once and the sequel didn"t unlock, so I know that one playthrough doesn"t give you all the hats.

What are all the hats that I need? I would like to know how close I am to unlocking Find Mii 2.



You get all of the hats in Find Mii by completing two playthroughs.

As listed by IGN, the hats from the first playthrough of Find Mii are

Mario HatRed Pikmin HatLink HatSamus HatKirby HatCat HatDog HatCrown

And the hats from the second playthrough are

Luigi HatToad HatBowser HatBlue Pikmin HatYellow Pikmin HatMetroid HatBunny HatUltimate Hat

The hats you need to unlock Find Mii 2 in the first playthrough are

mario hatred pikmin hat link hatsamus hat kirby hatcat hatdog hatregal crown

on the second playthrough the hats are

luigi hatbowser hatblue pikmin hattoad hatbunny hat metroid hatultimate hat

but they are in random order but won"t effect your progress of getting to find mii 2 but you need to playthrough find mii 1 twice



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