A million households without strength as branch says mechanism of levees overhauled after ~ Hurricane Katrina will face ‘most major test’


New olions police detective Alexander Reiter looks end debris native a building that collapsed during Hurricane Ida. Photograph: Gerald Herbert/APThe power supplier to brand-new Orleans, Entergy, shown late on Sunday the the only power in the city was coming indigenous generators, the city’s Office of Homeland security & Emergency Preparedness said. The message contained a display screen shot the cited “catastrophic transmission damage”.

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The city depends on Entergy for backup power for the pumps that remove storm water from city streets.

Hospitals in brand-new Orleans, overrun v Covid-19 patients before the storm hit the city, have been relying ~ above generators. Lady that the Sea basic hospital in Lafourche parish reported extensive roof damage. The state health and wellness department stated a small variety of patients would be evacuated as soon as it was for sure to execute so.

The Lefourche parish sheriff told inhabitants who evacuated that while they may be anxious to return, “today is no that day”.

The national Weather service (NWS) in new Orleans tweeted a long list of flooded streets and also advised citizens to sanctuary in place and also avoid all unnecessary travel.

Although Ida come with much more powerful winds and expected rainfall 보다 Katrina, projection storm surge of a life-threatening 15ft was intended to be less than in 2005 as soon as Katrina lugged highs of 20ft, resulting in catastrophic failure of levees in new Orleans.

Edwards stated he was confident the levees would hold, together “there’s been significant investment in this system because Hurricane Katrina. This will be the most severe check of the system. However we believe that system is going to hold, the whole integrity of that system will be able to withstand the storm surge.”

In brand-new Orleans, wind tore in ~ awnings and also caused buildings to sway and also water to pour out from Lake Ponchartrain. The US shore guard office in new Orleans received more than a dozen reports that breakaway barges. In Lafitte about 35 miles southern of new Orleans, a loosened barge struck a bridge, follow to Jefferson parish officials.

A US army Corps of designers spokesperson, Ricky Boyette, said designers detected a “negative flow” ~ above the Mississippi River together a an outcome of storm surge. Edwards stated he watched a live video clip feed from around Port Fourchon together Ida came ashore that confirmed roofs blown off structures in “many places”.

Officials said Ida’s swift intensification to a huge hurricane in just three days left no time to organize a obligated evacuation of brand-new Orleans’ 390,000 residents. Market LaToya Cantrell urged those quiet in the city on Sunday come “hunker down”.

Memories the Katrina

Marco Apostolico stated he felt i was sure riding out the storm at his residence in brand-new Orleans’ reduced 9th ward, one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods during Katrina.

His house was among those rebuilt through the help of the gibbs Brad Pitt to stand up to hurricane-force winds. However the memory of Katrina lingered.

“It’s clearly a many of heavy feelings,” that said. “And yeah, potentially scary and also dangerous.”

The an ar includes petrochemical sites and major ports, and also is also currently reeling from a rebirth of Covid-19 infections because of low vaccination rates and the Delta variant.

New orleans hospitals planned to ride out the storm through their beds nearly full, as an in similar way stressed hospitals somewhere else had little room because that evacuated patients. Shelters carried an added risk of ending up being flashpoints for brand-new infections.


Montegut fire chief Toby Henry walks back to his fire van in the rain in Bourg, Louisiana. Photograph: mark Felix/AFP/Getty ImagesThe hurricane was additionally threatening neighboring Mississippi, where Katrina demolished oceanfront homes. Through Ida approaching and also 28,000 households without power so much in the state, Claudette Jones evacuated she home eastern of Gulfport, Mississippi, together waves started pounding the shore. “I’m praying I have the right to go back to a normal residence like i left,” she said. “That’s what ns praying for. Yet I’m not sure at this point.”

Ida’s hurricane-force winds extended 50 miles (80km) indigenous the storm’s eye, or about fifty percent the dimension of Katrina, and a new Orleans infrastructure official emphasized the the city was in a “very various place than it to be 16 year ago”.

The levee system has actually been overhauled since Katrina, Ramsey Green, deputy chief governmental officer for infrastructure, said prior to the worst of the storm hit. When water may not penetrate levees, environment-friendly said if forecasts of up to 20in that rain proved true, the underfunded and neglected network of pumps, secret pipes and surface canals probably will not be able to keep up.

Louisiana’s 17 oil refineries account for practically one-fifth of united state capacity and two liquefied herbal gas violin terminals ship around 55% the the country exports, according to the US energy Information Administration. Federal government statistics display that 95% the oil and gas production in the region was shut down as Ida make landfall, according to energy firm S&P an international Platts.

Louisiana is additionally home to two nuclear power plants, one near brand-new Orleans and another 27 miles north-west the Baton Rouge.

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Edwards warned of main of recovery. “Many, many world are going come be tested in methods that we deserve to only imagine today,” the governor said.