A finish eye examination involves the usage of numerous pieces that equipment and several instruments. Throughout your thorough eye examination in Medford, many diagnostic tests will certainly be performed. The following are some of the instruments used in our office with descriptions that what they do:

Digital Retinal Camera: A digital retinal camera, also called a fundus camera, is used to create high top quality diagnostic pictures of the interior of the eye.

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Phoropter: A phoropter is an instrument that permits your doctor to specifically determine your numerical prescription for glasses or contacts. Typically, the patient sits behind the phoropter and also looks through it at an eye chart. Your medical professional then transforms lenses and also other settings while asking the patient because that feedback on which settings offer the best vision. This is repetitive with several various settings till your exact prescription is found.

Auto-refractor: one auto-refractor is a computerized instrument offered to measure up a patient’s refractive error. This is completed by measuring how light is changed as the enters a person’s eye. The automated refraction technique is quick, straightforward and painless. The patience takes a seat and also places their chin top top a rest. One eye in ~ a time, lock look into the machine at a photo inside. The picture moves in and out of focus as the an equipment takes readings to identify when the picture is on the retina. Numerous readings space taken i m sorry the an equipment averages to kind a prescription.

Slit Lamp: A slit lamp is a microscopic lense with a light attached that enables your doctor to closely examine the eye. This tool is offered to view structures of the eye such as the cornea, iris and also lens. However, with special lenses, it is feasible to examine the ago of the eye together well.

Manual Keratometer: A manual keratometer measures the curvature of the cornea. The is often used come measure and diagnose conditions such together astigmatism, keratonus, corneal scarring and also corneal distortion. A keratometer is typically used come fit contact lenses together well.

Tonometer: A tonometer is supplied to measure up the push of the eye and can help detect glaucoma.

Retinoscope: A retinoscope is a handheld maker used to recognize the refractive strength of the eye by observing the lights and also shadows top top the pupil once a winter illumines the retina. That is likewise useful for determining just how well the eyes job-related together, accommodate, to see clearly.

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