2.8 GPA is identical to 83% ~ above percentile scale2.8 GPA is taken into consideration as ‘B’ grade2.8 GPA

Grade point average famously well-known as GPA is the calculated typical of grades you earn throughout a stated period of time, it could be a term, semester or session. GPAs space usually figured out by the accumulation of course credits, individual grades and semester hours spent in the class. It adheres to a 0 come 4.0 or 5.0 scale. Part colleges and universities favor using percentage qualities e.g.: 50% rather of letter grades e.g.: B. The is because of this necessary come ask around their grading system prior to reporting.

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Below is a GPA chart finish with letter switch for your convenience.


Although this guide focuses on a 2.8 GPA, the is still advantageous for close GPAs, like 2.28 and 2.32 GPAs. You have the right to use this overview for all GPAs between 2.25 and 2.35.

Is a 2.8 GPA good?

The price is No. The national mean for a GPA is approximately 3.0 and a 2.8 GPA puts you below that average. A 2.8 GPA way that you’ve gained only C-s and also D+s in her high school classes so far. Because this GPA is significantly listed below a 2.0, it will certainly make points very an overwhelming for girlfriend in the college applications process. Remember that the 3.0 national mean represents every students, not just students applying to college, for this reason the average GPA for students using to colleges is naturally higher than the nationwide average.


For a freshman, a 2.8 GPA spells trouble, and you might be discouraged about your chances of getting into college. Every hope is not shed though since as a freshman, you’re still early on in your high school career. Girlfriend still have a most classes and grades ahead of you, this way that you deserve to raise her GPA fairly easily. However, you have to put a lot more effort to boost your GPA.

You might be a bit confused around how you have the right to make this work. Well quite than struggle without making far-reaching headway, you would need to number out exactly where the difficulty lies. That is, you have actually to find out wherein you’re fall short, which topics or courses you are finding challenging and figure out ways to get better grades in them.

Continuing with a 2.8 GPA is not a an excellent option because it will certainly hinder friend from acquiring into any type of standard school. This is why you have to make tremendous progress in increasing your GPA by doing so, you will be proving to colleges that you have actually a an excellent potential to execute well.

We have actually various means and tools below that will help you in learning your chances right into any great school with a 2.8 GPA. And also also aid you figure out just how you can increase your GPA from currently on.


Now you space in your second year the high school which means you’re halfway to college applications. V a 2.8 GPA, things are getting risky but you still have a chance to raise your GPA. Having a 2.8 GPA means you’re still below average and this can substantially hinder your application right into college. All is not shed though, girlfriend just have to work extra difficult for the rest of this year and also next year to increase your GPA come at the very least a 2.0 and above. This GPA variety might placed you top top the radar that any small group of schools, do them take into consideration your application conveniently than a 2.8 GPA applicant.

You must thoroughly understand and address your troubles in class, and yes, girlfriend still have actually a possibility of addressing them. If you’re at this time interested in any standard school, you have the right to use our search device in the next section to look lock up. The tool in the next section can help you calculate how much credit transaction you need to have before your senior year.


At this point it will certainly be difficult for you to readjust your GPA. Due to the fact that you are in your junior year, raising your GPA prior to you apply for university is walking to it is in an uphill task. A 2.8 GPA in ~ this point means there’s walking to it is in trouble following fall, it means no school will be ready to take an applicant v such short grades. V this grade, there aren’t any type of colleges the you have the right to use as security schools, for this reason you would be acquisition a vast risk no matter where you apply.

However, if friend desire still in your first semester of your junior year, you might still be able to work more tough at boosting your GPA a bit before the end of the year to provide yourself a slightly better chance. You deserve to use our search device in the following section to examine out schools that attention you and find the end what your opportunities are in being embraced there.


This is the final lap that the race. Currently you space in the final stretch the high school. Unfortunately, boosting your GPA at this allude before you apply for college is impossible. By now, you might have already started the college application procedure or drawn up a list of colleges you plan to use for. You need to be very aware the all the colleges will come to be very daunting to acquire into based upon your low GPA. Girlfriend may get in, however there are no certain bets about that.

If you desire to watch your opportunities into any of college of choice, walk ahead and check your eligibility right into these colleges in the following section.

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Your Admission possibilities with a 2.8 GPA

No doubt, knowing your eligibility into any kind of school the your selection is a substantial question that plagues every college student seeking admission. Which college will market you admission in spite of your 2.8 GPA? perform you have any kind of chance securing join at any school of your selection with her GPA?

Sadly, a 2.8 GPA involves that there room no colleges that you deserve to use as safety schools, for this reason you will certainly be acquisition a danger no issue where girlfriend apply. The only way to rise your possibilities is by increasing your GPA. Go with the following section and also search any kind of school that your preference to watch what her odds of acceptance are.

We have created a practice admissions calculator because that that’s to be designed to calculate your possibilities of admission right into the college of your an option based on three vital factors:

The acceptance price of the school.Your GPA.Your ACT/SAT score.List that Colleges with mean GPA of 2.8 or much less