The Da Vinci Code series In Chronological order The Da Vinci password movie series stars Tom Hanks together Professor Robert Langdon and here"s every entry in the franchise in chronological order.

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Here"s The Da Vinci Code movie franchise and The lost Symbol TV present in chronological order. The Da Vinci Code was the 2nd novel from author Dan Brown to function his recurring protagonist Robert Langdon, the renowned "symbologist." The plot watch Langdon called in to investigate a killing at the Louvre that quickly sees that on the operation from the police, one albino assassin, and a an enig society while discovering information that Jesus Christ may have actually fathered a kid with mary Magdalene. The book didn"t attract good reviews and also was commonly condemned by the church, nobody of i m sorry prevented it from ending up being a gigantic bestseller.

It to be really just a issue of time till a movie to be made, and also Tom Hanks ultimately stepped forward to beat Robert Langdon in 2006"s The Da Vinci Code. The same criticisms that dogged Dan Brown"s book likewise greeted the movie, with a frequent resource of complaint being exactly how the narrative basically stops dead every so frequently while characters can describe the plot. Moviegoers plainly didn"t mind together the movie grossed over $750 million an international and paved the means for a movie franchise. And with the streaming battles in complete force, it"s no surprising that a relocate to tv is likewise in keep for Dan Brown"s hero Robert Langdon.

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None of The Da Vinci Code franchise - AKA the Robert Langdon film and also TV collection - have received spectacular evaluate by critics, yet they"ve mostly to be hits. The said, there to be a noticeable downturn in profit through each entry. While plans because that a 4th Robert Langdon movie currently show up not to it is in on the cards, the original plans for the 3rd installment, Inferno, to be to it is adapted an entirely different Dan Brown publication – The shed Symbol. Director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks abandoned the plan, stating the the material discussed too much of the very same ground together The Da Vinci Code and also Angels and Demons, and opted to it is adapted the newer publication in the franchise. But those plans were not completely abandoned, with The lost Symbol ultimately making its means into a TV format, v some major changes, consisting of moving its appearance in the timeline to be a prequel come Da Vinci Code, including recasting Robert Langdon with a younger Ashley Zuckerman (Succession, Fear Street). The TV show, i beg your pardon takes the action to Washington, D.C., and also has Langdon investigate the action of the Freemasons and also searching for his abducted friend and also mentor (Eddie Izzard), has had actually middling to hopeful reviews (far much better than the movie fared critically) and also is certain to find an audience, provided how popular the movie were. It might just it is in the new look the franchise required to acquire Langdon ago out and also investigating oddities both through real background and a totality load of fake invention. Here"s the franchise in chronological order.

Inferno - Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones
The shed Symbol (2021)The Da Vinci Code (2006)Angels & Demons (2009)Inferno (2016) Angels & Demons was in reality the an initial novel in Dan Brown"s book collection but to be reworked to be a sequel complying with the success of The Da Vinci Code. Ron Howard - that directed all three movies - clearly took objections of the first movie to love too, and also ensured the sequel relocated at a quicker pace and also didn"t obtain overly bogged under in exposition. This can be why Angels & Demons got arguably the finest reviews that the Robert Langdon movie trilogy.

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It"s definitely much much more enjoyable than 2016"s Inferno, which watch Langdon enduring from part plot practically amnesia when racing versus time to stop a plot that will certainly wipe out fifty percent the planet"s population. Inferno"s story barely stop together and also the movie occasionally drags even more than The Da Vinci Code. It"s somewhat aided by performances from Felicity Jones and the so late Irrfan Khan, however it"s the weakest of the franchise and also has the gross to match. Time will tell whether Robert Langdon"s television outing can fare much better critically 보다 the movie did. Every little thing happens, it appears Tom Hanks" regime as Robert Langdon is end now, through Ashley Zukerman set to take it over play the character who debuted in The Da Vinci Code – whether more outings are most likely depends on the reception and success that The shed Symbol TV show.