I to be wondering even if it is Schweppes is a Pepsi product so, i did some research, and also here’s what i found.

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So, is Schweppes a Pepsi product?

Schweppes is not a Pepsi product.

However, PepsiCo is partners through Schweppes which method they room licensed come produce and sell Schweppes.

Schweppes is owned by Keurig Dr Pepper as displayed on this archived page.

Coca Cola is additionally a companion with Schweppes.

Whether you’re interested in once Coca-Cola bought the rights to Schweppes, if over there is any kind of ginger in Schweppes ginger ale, even if it is Schweppes ginger ale includes high fructose corn syrup, or if Schweppes ginger ale is good.

Here’s every little thing you should know about Schweppes and also who has the rights to this drinks maker.

When walk Coca-cola buy Schweppes?


According come a news release on Associated press News, Coca-Cola purchased the rights to distribute Schweppes in 1998.

However, each country that selling Schweppes is unique and also can be own by a various company.

For example, Schweppes Australia to be bought through Asahi Breweries in 2008, as presented here.

Schweppes to be formerly referred to as Cadbury Schweppes, until 2008 as soon as it split into two separate suppliers – one for the confectionary and one for sodas – as shown in an announcement made on the Cadbury investors website.

This page has since been removed because of a website upgrade, however the page is still obtainable through the Wayback device on Archive.org.

The soda firm owned by Cadbury was marketed to the Dr Pepper Snapple team which has since adjusted ownership and is currently Keurig Dr. Pepper.

The 3 best soda producers in the USA room Coca Cola, PepsiCo, and Keurig Dr Pepper, in the order.

Here’s a table that reflects the portion of the soda market which each company has offered over the years:

Brand% industry share (2016)% industry share (2017)% sector share (2018)% market share (2019)
Coca Cola42.4%42.8%43.2%43.7%
Keurig Dr. Pepper17.6%17.9%17.9%18.2%
National Beverage3%2.9%3.1%3.1%

Data noted by Statista.com.

The data above shows the Coca-Cola provides nearly dual the sales of both PepsiCo, and Keurig Dr Pepper.

Why it renders sense because that Schweppes to have distributors

What’s amazing is the both Coca-Cola and also PepsiCo have actually a patent to bottle and sell Schweppes.

The Coke and also Pepsi official websites perform Schweppes as one of their brands, as seen here and also here.

Bottling plants space scattered throughout most countries.

Cities and also towns will boost in populace and to decrease in population, and new housing breakthroughs spring up and begin come attract an ext and much more developments and people.

However, a city can be far away from whereby a bottling tree is, and also therefore the expense to deliver sodas indigenous a much away bottling plant deserve to be expensive or time-consuming.

And in some instances, it’s advantageous to a company like Schweppes to have other soda service providers make their soda and also to take a percentage of the profits.

Rather than structure a whole brand-new bottling plant and also distribution center, or offering the trademark to your recipe.

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Is there any kind of ginger in Schweppes ginger ale?


The truth that Schweppes just lists herbal flavors and also doesn’t contain any kind of artificial flavors method that it’s most likely that that does save on computer ginger or ginger extract.

Nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon are well-known substitutes for ginger in baking, and also other recipes.

But, ~ above the surface, it seems prefer it would be quite challenging to acquire the distinctive ginger flavor, without utilizing some form of genuine ginger.

And would certainly lead one come ask ‘why would they go to all the trouble?’.

Therefore, it could be possible for Schweppes to produce the ginger flavor discovered in your ginger ale making use of a combination of other spices.

However, i don’t think it’s very likely.

And in ~ the moment, it stays a secret.

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The Schweppes zero street ginger ale made in the USA is referred to as ‘diet ginger ale’ and also is sweetened v aspartame.

And the sugar-free variation made in Canada is called ‘zero street ginger ale’ and also is sweetened with aspartame that consists of phenylalanine.

In the UK Schweppes do by Coca Cola is branded together Schweppes Canada dry ginger ale, and is sweetened v sugar, and also Acesulfame K and Sucralose, as presented here.

Below is a table that mirrors which Schweppes ginger ales room sweetened v high furustos corn syrup and which aren’t:

NameBottled byCountryContains HFCS?
Schweppes ginger aleSchweppesUSAYes
Schweppes ginger aleSchweppesCanadaNo
Schweppes diet ginger aleSchweppesUSANo
Schweppes zero sugar ginger aleSchweppesCanadaNo
Schweppes Canada dried ginger aleCoca ColaUKNo

As you can see each nation has a slightly various formula, and if your country isn’t detailed above you can do a search for ‘Schweppes your country’, and see if they sell Schweppes ginger ale, and also if they administer an ingredient list.

It deserve to be feasible that the Schweppes ginger ale in your nation is imported.

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Sometimes, castle don’t perform the ingredients on your website, for instance Schweppes ginger ale bottled through Schweppes in the UK, doesn’t list the ingredient on their website.