David Bromstad, 47, is the winner of the debut season that HGTV’s architecture Star. He is one American designer and television personality. He also has his own show and also he is the host! v the tall figure and also sharp chin, it’s the host we love to see.

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David is rumored to it is in gay and also in 2013 the revealed his sexuality the he is gay. After his revelation of his sex-related interest in men, he was criticized by the fans.

He then told The Miami Herald,

“I recognize why world are mad in ~ me and I’m OK through that. We knew it was going to it is in a little bit controversial through the Salvation Army, however we did some research and also we feel the Salvation military was trying to clean increase its act and also make amends toward the LGBT community.”

He has actually shared plenty of pictures v his BBF with which we deserve to assume the our hottie is in the relationship.

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David Bromstad: partnership Status

Profession wise David Bromstad is an interior designer, an artist, and a TV personality. That was yes, really secretive around everything in his life; till in 2012 once in one the the interviews through ‘southfloridagaynews’, the shared most of his stuff.

David has uncovered a brand-new love and also he has posted a snapshot of himself through his sexy boyfriend v the caption,

“Me and also my sexy bf. ;)”

The new boyfriend’s name is unknown however David seems to it is in happy v him.

Previously, he date Jeffery Glasko. Moreover, the revealed the he is gay, and also in the interview, he said that he has actually been dating his boyfriend, Jeffery Glasko for 8 year now. He captioned it by speak ‘BESTBFEVER’.

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How go they meet?

According to him, lock met in ~ a bar in ~ Firestone in Orlando on Valentine’s Day in ~ a Single’s Party. He likewise said the he had actually a crush on him because that years yet was never formally introduced to him until one day; and also said they dropped in love really quickly.

When asked about his relationship with him, he said in one interview in 2012,

 “met at Firestone in Orlando top top Valentine’s Day at a single’s party. I had a like on him for years and also years but was never formally introduced.”

However, he said that there to be a time once he preferred girls and that he to be straight. But maybe something or someone readjusted him.

The nasty breakup

In 2015, the pair split!

But Jeffery Glasko make a court case against David claiming the he confronted emotional and also financial troubles when David starting using their common money in drinking, drugs, and prostitutes. However, the case was dismissed.

In December 2015, Jeffrey again do the case and asked for compensation. The judge again did not entertain the case for loss for the breach the the dental nuptial-like cohabitation contract. The sanctions additionally levied top top Jeffrey by the Judge.

David’s lawyer at the time said:

“These salacious insurance claims were make by a desperate person,” 

There are some mugshots that Jeffrey ~ above the web of the year 2000 which case that he to be arrested through the Sanford Police Department for ‘RESIST WO VIOL’ (resisting officer there is no violence).

In photo: (David v Jeffrey)

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David Bromstad’s Childhood, Siblings

David’s father’s name is Richard Harold David Bromstad and his mother’s surname is Diane Marlys Bromstad. His siblings room Dynelle Renee Bromstad, Dyonne Rachael Bromstad, and Dean Richard Bromstad.

He is the youngest son born on respectable 17, 1973, in Cokato, Minnesota, joined States. His ethnicity is mixed(Norwegian, Swedish, and German) and also his nationality is American.

For his education, David join Wayzata high school and also later to visit Ringling university of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. After ~ graduating, he started working as a Disney illustrator.

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David’s love for tattoos

Color Splash v David Bromstad hold loves tattoos. Hence, he has actually tattooed various designs top top his human body parts. He keeps posting his shirtless, pictures on his social media handle, Instagram.