Bay Curious listener mock Brett flourished up Oakland, and also was told native a young period that it is illegal to choose California\"s state flower: the golden poppy.

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\"It was type of just typical knowledge together a kid farming up in the only Area in the 90s that it to be illegal,\" the says. \"You might even go to jail for it!\"

Josh Brett (Courtesy of mock Brett)

Brett isn\"t sure where he very first heard this warning — perhaps older siblings, parents or teachers. But now that he\"s every grown up, he wants to know, is that true?

Robin Binaoro at the Marin Headlands Nursery (Jessica Placzek/

Before It to be The State Flower

The poppy came to be California\"s state flower in 1903, however it had numerous uses before the state the California also existed.

The native Americans that the just Area, the Ohlone, had a the majority of uses for the golden poppy, saysDesiree Muñoz. She\"s Rumsen Ohlone, and also a ranger in ~ the gold Gate nationwide Recreation Area. She states the Ohlone would boil the poppy in water to make a therapy that would remove pesky bugs that prefer to live on your scalp in her hair.

The vibrant shade was additionally a valuable signpost. Muñoz’s sister claims that the Ohlone provided to tree poppies atop sacred burial sites follow me the coast, called shell mounds. The flower’s bright shade would aid direct ships right into the bay.

\"Bay What perform you wonder about the only Area, its culture or civilization that you desire to investigate? Ask just Curious.

The golden poppy likewise has narcotic qualities.

“Sometimes the boys, as soon as they’re fasting, they supplied to use the Poppy to help them on your vision quests,” saysMuñoz.

Most poppies are a little bit narcotic. Yet they vary in intensity, the California Poppy is lot milder than the minus poppy, however that doesn\"t median it can\"t get you yes, really high.

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What does our listener, josh Brett, think of all this?

\"Using them as shade makes a the majority of sense. I was not conscious of their use as a vision quest assist or de-licing. That\"s a an extremely nice, multifaceted small flower,\" states Brett.