Melissa Gilbert became a household name after landing the duty of Laura Ingalls Wilder inLittle house on the Prairie, however she wasn"t the only Gilbert to go into showbusiness. Her brother Jonathan, also adopted by Barbara Cowen and also Paul Gilbert, to be an actor and also her adopted sister, Sara Gilbert, is best known for starring on the sitcom Roseanne. That shouldn"t have been any kind of surprise the Gilbert youngsters wanted to it is in performers together Paul Gilbert and also his mam Barbara were actors. Barbara was even the daughter of historical comedy writer take care of Crane.

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Here"s a closer look in ~ Melissa"s 2 siblings and where they ended up after farming up in Hollywood.

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Sara Gilbert

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Interestingly enough, Sara wasn"t actually embraced by Paul Gilbert, in spite of taking on his last name. She was adopted by Barbara Cowan and her following husband Harold Abeles, originally named Sara Rebecca Abeles. As soon as she was just 13 years old she landed the duty of Darlene Conner ~ above ABC"s Roseanne, which she played because that nine periods opposite costars Roseanne Barr, man Goodman, and Johnny Galecki. She recently came back to play her original duty on the show"s revival followed by the spinoff (kind of?), The Conners, ~ Roseanne Barr was removed from the series following controversial tweets.

Similar to her siblings, Sara basically grew up in front of the camera. She showed up opposite drew Barrymore in the 1992 thriller Poison Ivyas fine asHigh Fidelity, speak in Cars through Boys, Calamity Jane, ER, The big Bang Theory, Grey"s Anatomy, will certainly & Grace, Supergirl, the Netflix series Atypical, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, The Class,and numerous other TV shows.

Sara was a co-host and also executive producer that the CBS talk present The Talkfor nine seasons opposite Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, and also more, also winning one Emmy Award. In spite of having a liven acting career, Sara also made time come graduate native Yale University, examining photography.

Outside the work, Sara is also a mom! She share daughter Sawyer jane Gilbert-Adler and son Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler through her ex-partner Allison Adler and also son Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry v wife Linda Perry, though the two have been legally separated because 2019.

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Jonathan Gilbert

Jonathan to be briefly a boy actor, appearing opposite his sister Melissa in The miracle Workeras well together the role of Willie Oleson onLittle House, and it"s produced TV movies. In she memoir, Prairie Tales, Melissa revealed the Jonathan determined to leaving California in his 20s and has had no partnership with her ever since. She disclosed the she did understand that he had been functioning as a stockbroker in brand-new York City.