I"m native India; in ours office us refer toilet come "Wash-room" and also "Rest-room", which is the correct kind to use and also if over there is a difference, what is the difference in between the 2 words?



If the room only has sinks because that washing, it"s a washroom. If it has actually toilets, it"s a restroom. If the room is in her home, it"s a bathroom. Here"s one odd idiom that the US. If someone asks, "May I usage your bathroom," the human is questioning to usage the room to eliminate, not to bathe. So, a room in the house with a toilet & sink is referred to as a bathroom, also if that lacks a bathtub or shower.

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I would either use two words or one (rest room or restroom), however I wouldn"t usage a hyphen v either.

I think one of two people restroom or washroom could be used. In the U.S., bathroom is also used, also if over there is no tub or shower head in the room.

Someone can be lean to use washroom rather of restroom or bathroom if castle were just going in to wash their hands, but that"s only a technicality that you might hear top top occasion, no a fixed dominance that need to be used or assumed.

There"s also the hatchet powder room, i m sorry would just be supplied for ladies. I believe the term is the end of vogue now.

This Ngram mirrors that "bathroom" is a rather common term. I"m not surprised; it"s the an option I would most likely use most of the time.

This Ngram mirrors how frequently all the remainder of the state are used – although this data is taken from a composed corpus and also therefore may not that s right reflect how natives normally speak.

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The indigenous we usage for the room in which us evacuate ours bowels and also bladders depends an extremely much on the society we take place to it is in in. Over there is no definitive answer to your question.

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In Canada, the term because that the room with the restroom is a "washroom." In the united States, it"s typically "restroom" or "bathroom," though world generally know if you to speak "washroom."

In the unified States, indicators in stores that present you where you deserve to use the toilet nearly universally usage the hatchet "Restroom."

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