Tiffany "New York" Pollard just announced some exciting relationship news... She"s engaged! The long-running truth TV star and also meme queen that the internet has spent a the majority of her adult life searching for love, and often come the pleasure of she fans who have watched her on Flavor that Love (parts one and two) and I Love new York. Now, the 38-year-old has shared some huge news regarding her romantic life, revealing top top the I Love new York Reunited reunion special that she was engaged to "an remarkable man." 

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"Doing this experience has actually taught me my love language and has carried me complete circle as a woman" she revealed in a clip indigenous the reunion special, common to VH1"s Twitter account. "To uncover love the means I did... I stopped searching for it and also it literally found me. I"m engaged just 21-days-old and I picked the ring. He"s an amazing man, he"s a big part of my life."

"Well, you preserved that a secret all show!" Vivica A. Fox exclaimed. 

"I did, ns did, I did... That feels so right!" Pollard went on, then reflecting her sparkling diamond ring to the cameras. 

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For the reunion special, the truth star carried on part of men from her show to have a conversation about the past and also the present, including her ex-fiancé and season-two winner continue Made, frank the Entertainer, Mr. Boston, and also season-one winner Tango, with whom she common a dramatic separation at the reunion. Although fact reunions are commonly filled through some messiness, the conversation was relatively drama-free, through Pollard saying she was grateful to the route of love the guys put she on (via Vulture). 

"When i did I Love new York and I was now in the driver"s seat, it felt therefore good. Ns was the bomb," Pollard newly told Jezebel, sharing the differences in between her time on her very own spin-off collection and her initial run on Flavor of Love, whereby she was dumped twice. "I had to make tough decisions as much as eliminations go, however I could breathe and also really look for love and just have space to execute it without fighting all the time."

Although she loves being in the limelight, the Brunch v Tiffany star has remained careful with she heart. "I"ve dated throughout the years. I retained it to myself. I was never in the general public eye with it and also be like, "Oh, this is my brand-new suitor. This is who I"m with." something you lug to the limelight, it"s not going to be easy."