H words for children reveal a usual theme: the letter H loves come pair increase with other letters that the alphabet. Together students exercise the various sounds produced by this shapeshifter the the alphabet, girlfriend can also explore a world of link nouns, homonyms and also more. Indigenous preschool to 5th grade, we have actually a slew of H words and letter H activities to save vocabulary in the forefront and, challenge we say, an exciting endeavor.

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Kindergarten H-Word List

Ready to lay the structure blocks to a healthy foundation for grammar? These an easy kindergarten words assist students feel favor a master of the English language is well within your reach. Start with basic CVC words because that H and build up to 4-letter CVCC words.

Word wall for points That start With H

Word walls are generally featured in elementary school classrooms. They deserve to be as an easy as large, laminated index cards v each letter of the alphabet. Under each letter, start listing associated vocabulary words, including "hat," "hay" and also "hut" v the word and also images. Together your student"s vocabulary starts come grow, girlfriend can develop out her kindergarten indigenous wall, having actually them include to the arsenal through the year.

Match the H native Worksheet

Since your kindergarteners are obtaining a solid understand of H words, it’s time to test their knowledge. Usage this basic worksheet to have them complement the word v its picture.


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Early elementary school H-Word List

Why execute we double the "c" in hiccup? Why does the word contain a twin "c" and also not a "ck"? check out these intricacies in the English language and more with this word perform for student in beforehand elementary grades 1-3.

Vocabulary Word meanings Worksheet

Below, students deserve to enjoy a worksheet the asks castle to choose the vocabulary native that best describes the word in bold.


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Late elementary H-Word List

Ready for a couple of compound words like "hardship"? Or, how about an expedition into the soil of homonyms? here come the toughies! Words prefer "hallucination" and also "hippopotamus." These room words that can trip up also the best spellers in qualities 3-5. In fact, they regularly land on lists of misspelled words. Start the challenge today through these H-words.

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Draw Those H Words

Ready because that a tiny whiteboard fun? partner students together and give every pair a whiteboard, marker and also eraser. One student will have a minute to attempt to attract the assigned vocabulary word. Once the minute is up, the other student will try to guess words drawn. A team earns a suggest for every correct guess.

A Haven the H Words

Need shorter words for your vocabulary list? Or perhaps you"d choose to add some much longer words that start with H? WordFinder"s perform of words that begin with H is a handy hideout for many an ext options. It even lets you create your very own word list v the helpful advanced search feature!

Traveling v the alphabet and discovering brand-new words, letter by letter, have the right to be among the finest ways to spark a love for grammar and vocabulary. Carry out you recognize which letter "H" loves the most? Why, it"s the letter "I," the course! do the change from H-words come I-words with this list of indigenous that begin wIth ns for kids, including "ice” and also “igloo."