The under-card is over and also Joe Calzaghe and also Roy Jones Jr. Are obtaining ready come head come the ring. The tale of the tape has actually them basically even in height, weight and reach. Calzaghe is three years younger than Jones.Jones pertains to the ring first. The promised to come the end to a song he tape-recorded himself, but it is hard to hear over the crowd. Calzaghe is increase second. His current period of inactivity is the longest that his career.We"ve obtained two national anthems come do, that course. Michelle Cleary handles the "Star-Spangled Banner." Michael Buffer is handling the introductions. Jones is in black and also orange, Calzaghe is put on blue and white.And we"re all set to go!

Round OneCalzaghe tries a quick jab and also a lunging left. Both men jabbing however not landing. Joe backs Roy right into the corner, Jones covers up. Jones lastly tries a power shot however has to ago away. Joe litter a flurry come the body and also head in the corner. Counter right to the human body by Roy. Jones ducks part shots in the center of the ring.

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Jones lands a right hand and Calzaghe walk down! The announcers think he"s hurt but he"s was standing in there.Franchise: 10-8 JonesSpartan117: 9-9

Round TwoBlood is comes from Joe"s nose. Calzaghe tries part rough-housing together they tie up. Joe goes earlier to the jab. Both men swinging and missing right now. Calzaghe flurries to the body but Roy shakes his head. Joe quiet attempting to push the pace. Sharp right by Jones as he backs up. Another large flurry by Joe in the corner; only a few landed.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Jones


Round Three

Calzaghe backs up Jones and also lands a left upstairs that is quickly answered. Earlier in the corner, Jones laughs but he is getting hit. Nice straight right by Jones. Joe landing some clean shots come the body, Jones acts like they don"t hurt. Roy is law a many covering up and not throw too many punches. Both men showboat as the ring ends.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round FourJoe goes right ago to the human body to begin this frame. Both males land jabs. Great right by Calzaghe. Huge flurry by Joe in the corner. Fast snapping best hand through Jones. Castle tie up v nothing landing. Body-head combo by Calzaghe. Roy landing some counters however eating a lot an ext coming back. Right-left combo to the head by Roy but Joe shakes it off.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round FiveLots of dancing to begin this frame. Roy looks a little more active. A directly left sets up a flurry through Calzaghe. Thudding body shot by Joe answered upstairs through Roy. Tough right through Jones, Calzaghe slips far from the follow-up. Pretty exchange along the ropes and Jones" left eye is starting to swell. One entertaining round; Calzaghe landing quantity, Jones answering through power.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round SixLeft hands back up Jones. He covers up and also picks his spots. Roy flicks a jab together they tie up. Calzaghe resumes his body attack. Good counter best by Jones. Shots soil both methods in the corner. They job-related out into facility ring, where Roy has much more success. Jones still trys to counter, Calzaghe"s not offering him much. Quite uppercut through Roy is the beat of the round.Franchise: 10-9 JonesSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round SevenRoy digs in and stand his floor in the opened seconds. They wrestle in the corner to no avail. Good jabs through Roy. Calzaghe hasn"t done lot so far this round. Now he scores with a left and flurries away. The announcers think Roy is hurt together he backs right into the corner. Jones" left eye is bloody and his counters aren"t bothering Calzaghe as much. Joe mocks Roy"s dancing as the round ends.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round EightIt didn"t look choose Roy"s edge could obtain the cut completely stopped. Both males want come showboat again. Joe whacks a appropriate upstairs. Calzaghe stalking together Jones backs away. Joe flurries in the corner, Roy"s eye is a mess. Quite shots in nearby by Jones. The final 30 seconds see an ext flashy combos by Joe while Roy looks because that one big shot that isn"t coming appropriate now.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round Nine

There"s an extended look at Jones" eye however they space letting the continue. Jones it s okay aggressive as he practically needs a KO since of the cut. Roy digs to the body together they wrestle. The grappling proceeds in the corner and also Roy is having actually trouble v the volume flying at him. Joe is taking component of this round turn off though. Quite exchange v both males landing. Lock both shake their heads at each other as the bell rings.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round 10Calzaghe throw an immediate combo to the body together the announcers criticize Jones" edge for their managing of his cut. Roy still has actually some snap top top his brief shots but they aren"t comes frequently. Joe does sufficient to win the round. Roy consist of up, he"s having actually trouble see the punches coming.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round 11More dancing 보다 boxing right now. Calzaghe attacks the body and also head effectively. Jabs keep coming in ~ Roy"s left eye. Not sure it"s clever for Joe come taunt Roy so much, however it"s no hurting him. Calzaghe lands come the body and also ducks away. The group is booing a little as the round kind of petered out.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

Round 12Unless the ringside judges witnessed a different fight, Jones needs a KO. He"s trying to find the residence run shot. Calzaghe"s not taking risks, he lands the occasional punch. Roy covers and also Calzaghe flurries; the crowd tries come spur Jones on. Calzaghe dances and Jones do the efforts to load up the right. Body shots both ways. Nothing huge lands in ~ the bell and we"ll head to the cards.Franchise: 10-9 CalzagheSpartan117: 10-9 Calzaghe

The judges score the hit 118-109, 118-109 and 118-109, all for the winner... And also still undefeated Ring Magazine light heavyweight champion the the world... Joe Calzaghe.Max Kellerman asks Calzaghe around the first-round knockdown, and also Joe admits he was stunned by a great shot. He claims he always comes earlier harder when he"s on the canvas, and also he states it to be an honor to struggle Jones.

Calzaghe thanks his fans because that their assistance too. Kellerman asks why he"d fight v his hands down, yet Joe says he deserve to fight countless styles and also it"s tough for his adversaries to attend to that.What"s the future? Calzaghe states he"ll need to sit down and also think around it rather of make a final decision tonight. Kellerman asks about Chad Dawson, but Joe sort of deflects the question.Now it"s Roy"s turn. He says he could have unable to do two various ways after the knockdown, and also by throwing large punches, he obtained out of his video game a bit. Jones claims it was a an excellent right hand that caused the reduced over his eye.Roy sneaks in a shout-out come Obama and also claims he was video game to the end of the fight. He"s not all set to speak this is his last fight, together he"ll regroup and also talk come his team.

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