It wake up in so countless interviews – every little thing is going along smoothly, as soon as suddenly the interviewer autumn a bomb: “Tell me, what walk you favor least about your critical job?” how do you answer that without sound insincere or favor a an unfavorable Nancy? The trick is in a carefully crafted diplomatic response.

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Although the inquiry sounds like an invitation to trash her previous ar of employment, that’s not actually why they are asking it. What the hiring manager really desires to know is what your job-related ethic is, what makes you tick and how girlfriend respond to uncomfortable situations. That is an amazing interview question for rental managers since it can reveal a lot around a candidate, both an excellent and bad.

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How not to Answer

When asked about your the very least favorite facets of your last job, protect against complaining about something that will certainly still it is in a part of the new job.

"The worst thing somebody can say is, ‘My the very least favorite component of the job is having to monitor the regulates of others," share Joe Flanagan, senior Consultant in ~ Velvet Jobs. "It goes without saying that almost every task in the world requires at the very least some command native someone, whether the be a boss, team member or customer."

Likewise, don’t just say the you walk not prefer all the mundane, repetitive work you had actually to do in your last job. In every likelihood, the new job involves some repeated tasks, too; it’s the nature of work.

"Do no answer in a an unfavorable tone or focus too lot on the points you hate," reminds Lori Bumgarner, a job Specialist at YourPassionInLife. No one likes a whiner. Over there is no must ramble on; just one relevant instance is every you have to provide.

And everything you do, execute not resort to complaining around the company as a entirety or about certain employees the you functioned with. This just makes girlfriend look bitter and unreliable. Save you answer in ~ the boundaries of your specific job function.

Avoid answers like these:

"My boss was a genuine jerk, we simply did not get along at all.""The project just gained too boring. I didn’t feel engendered or challenged by it""The hours were terrible. I want a consistent 9-5, with far better work-life balance."

Strategies because that Answering ‘what Did girlfriend Like least …’

If you just answer what you no like and also leave it at that, you’re absent a good opportunity to show yourself in a positive light. Use this question as a chance not simply to phone call what you don’t like, but also to to mark a an excellent quality about yourself. Interviewers really evaluate it if friend can show how you turned a an adverse into a positive.

“I always love it once the candidate turns the question into an possibility to talk about how they have made their present job better, easier, or more productive,” says Jeffrey Kelly, Founder and CEO the AssetLab. “Someone who tells me what castle dislike and also hasn’t ever before done anything around it is most likely out of the running.”

Keep the tone positive and upbeat. Bumgarner suggests focusing her answer on just how your the very least favorite task maintained you from your favorite tasks.

Good Answers:

“I didn’t gain the repetitive jobs in my critical role, but I realized that they were unavoidable. So, i made a system where I damaged up the work so that I might focus on an ext exciting jobs in between, and also still obtain all the work-related done by the finish of the day.”“I really choose not doing governmental work, since it is time not spent with the customer, i beg your pardon is my strong suit. That course, I recognize that housekeeping item are necessary to proceed performing my ideal tasks.”“The job involved a most collaboration, which was challenging for me due to the fact that I normally prefer to occupational alone. However I concerned appreciate the assist of my teammates and also recognized that the work we developed together was of a higher quality than any one the us can have excellent alone.”

When you’re make the interview question, “What did you not like about your critical job?” don’t autumn for the trap of moaning about the disastrous things you had to do and also your inept critical boss. Instead, give a confident answer the shows exactly how you room willing to take it on daunting tasks and be put in order in just how you take care of them.

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