Research findings indicate that core subject knowledge, non routine difficulty solving, mechanism thinking with broadly applicable capabilities and also habits of mental are essential to excel in a expertise economy.

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Free Personalised finding out platform for students

lifwynnfoundation.org scientific research is a free, personalized platform for STEM based finding out to children between grades 6-12. We space an open finding out website, encouraging children to recognize concepts and logic at your pace, offering assistance through interaction navigation. Develop problem addressing abilities, an imaginative approaches to design, logic and also observation, indigenous the lull of your residences for free!

Theme based learning

Our content is curated especially for engaging small minds and also their curiosity. Structured into themes, you can pick a theme that understanding you and lifwynnfoundation.org find out all the you wanted to know about it. Decluttered, smart and also interactive v examples, analogies and also simulations, merely Science provides sure you placed your reasoning cap on!

Know your IQ and SQ

Evaluate your ability to process information. Apply reasoning and science through a quick, free IQ and SQ test. Determine your strengths and also weaknesses, and also focus on your interests to develop your clinical Quotient that kindles her curiosity and also facilitate STEM learning. Our IQ and SQ indicate a formative assessment score in Science and also Math that can take girlfriend forward and discover brand-new potential.

Technology enabled learning

Unlock science, math and also their mysteries with our unique modern technology enabled design template based explorations. Collection out into a new world with our complete immersion themes, filled v fun, fascinating videos, quizzes and also personalized content feed.

Best after school STEM activity platform for students

While official school and institutional learning concentrates on languages, cognitive advancement and many other things, lifwynnfoundation.org Science is a curriculum assistive idea, educating students v classes 6 and 12 in Science, Technology, Engineering and also Math. V an interdisciplinary approach, activities and influence driven resources, this is the perfect engagement for young minds ~ school.

Comprehensive learning themes for ages 9-18

Learn something new every day, pursue interests and also answer concerns that always made girlfriend wonder! From simple concepts to thorough discourses, merely Science’s pedagogy urges you to explore, innovate, and apply the concepts learnt to day-to-day life. Our design template based model ensures the design template covers all topics throughout disciplines that it cuts throughout – Math, scientific research & an innovation , biologic & Chemistry and everything in between.

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Interactive and engaging content and virtual assistance

Cross sector learning, through a endowment trove of sources – we believe that every young mind must have access to connected and equal learning opportunities. Scientific research shapes the world, is all pervasive, and transformative. Our civilization class content, methodology and also resources go hand in hand with institutional curriculum. Our virtual aides guide college student towards key skills in the themes to cultivate crucial thinking, reasoning and design.